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Business Blogging – Why Quantity-focused Content Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

A Few Helpful Blogging & Optimization Tips to Think About

Effective business blogging requires a focused approach while creating content that will resonate with your target audience (demographic, industry, market, geographic area, etc).   Unfortunately, many folks these days are under the assumption that effective blogging means simply pumping out a lot of blog posts, in the hopes that maybe some will stick in the index - whether they are quality or not. … [Read More...]

Business Blogging has Become An Indispensable Marketing Tool on The Web

Internet Marketing

Blogs have become an indispensable and cost-effective marketing tool on the web. And according to a recent HubSpot survey, "60% of businesses who regularly blog acquire more customers." Blogs provide a place to show people what you’re all about, and every post you publish helps promote your expertise, products and/or services. Static Pages Most websites consist of a specific number of pages whi … [Read More...]

Why RSS is an Important Marketing Tool for Your Blog


An acronym for "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication," RSS is an online tool that offers functionality to both site owners and visitors - and has become an essential component of online marketing strategies for many companies.  RSS syndicates your latest content - whenever you add new information to your blog - to anyone interested in subscribing to your feed. RSS Feed Rea … [Read More...]

Why Regularly Updating Your Website Content is Important!

Why Updating Your Website Content is Important

Without a doubt, most website content will eventually become stale and out-dated if you don't periodically give it a face-lift  or a complete content makeover when necessary. Not to mention, Google and the other major SEs love fresh content - And the reason why regular blogging on your website is so effective. My advice to website owners is to never, and I mean never, rest on your laurels when … [Read More...]

How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeting Area Profile Pages


  Geo-targeted area profiles, otherwise known as local community pages, are the foundation website pages for local SEO.  Creating these area-focused pages will boost your overall authority and visibility in the SERPs for your particular local market(s).  By consistantly linking back to your geo-targeted area profile pages, from other relevant pages/posts within your site, you are essentially creat … [Read More...]

SEO Content and Conversion Optimization Marketing 101

SEO Content and Conversion Optimization Marketing 101

It is an amazing SEO achievement to land on page one of Google for your long tail keywords, or however you made it to the "glory page" - no doubt about it. And as content marketers, we all strive for that highly sought after position. That being said, one of the biggest misconceptions about content marketing is that SEO trumps quality content - relevant information that has merit and value an … [Read More...]

Guide to Writing Effective SEO Real Estate Content

Optimized Real Estate Content Services

It takes a fair amount of online marketing and SEO understanding, overall experience and a genuine love for writing in order to create unique and engaging webpage content that will actually be read and responded to in the way of leads and potential sales. Over the past 12 years, I've providing website content for a variety of real estate markets and managed to hone a proven content marketing str … [Read More...]

Successful Blogging Tips 123 – Go Get Em Online!


I never farm out my SEO content services offshore nor do I hire inexperienced SEO content writers looking for side income to write for me. I research and write every lick of webpage content myself which stands for itself in experience and professionalism. For the most part, I have found that offshore content lacks a total understanding of  U.S. markets as well as the specific industry speak  … [Read More...]

Real Estate Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages -Topic Authority to the 10th Power!


If you have a real estate website that is focused on specific locales (counties, cities, neighborhoods, communities, subdivisions, etc), then you need geo-targeted area profiles interjected into the mix of your website pages for those places. These information rich pages are the cornerstone of a powerful SEO real estate website and should be linked to from other pages within your site whenever p … [Read More...]

Don’t be Too Hasty When Publishing Your Blog Post


You've just finished flushing out what you believe to be a pretty darn good blog post. You've said all you wanted to say. Grammar and punctuation look good. You've included all the salient points you want to share regarding your topic. Page formatting and optimization of your long tail key words for usability and SEO look complete.  Ready, set, go! Time to Hit the Publish Button, Right? Now it … [Read More...]

The Process of Writing Effective SEO Content That Makes a Difference

Why Updating Your Website Content is Important

There is a certain order of business or protocol you might say that goes into writing a really good webpage or blog post. I refer to it as working in layers and you approach those layers in a very specific way, one layer at a time. Flushing out the First Layer The first step in creating a webpage that kicks you know what is to do your research. Dive into cyberspace and see what is already out the … [Read More...]

Don’t Buy Cheap Generic SEO Content


One of the worst mistakes a website owner can make is to add poorly written, lack luster, generic content that has been copied, scraped and scrubbed so many times off the Internet that it no longer has a pulse.  Trust me, it will bite you in the long run. Buying SEO content from a content farm or foreign outsourced content might be cheaper than hiring an experienced SEO content writer, but it wo … [Read More...]

Is Your Real Estate Content Working for You?


Do you have a well thought out game plan for your Real estate website content?  Do you know what you need to do regarding SEO content for online success? Do you believe that you can be on page one of Google with only property search and no text?  Do you think you can quickly get top index placement without internal linking of your pages and posts? Are you blogging on your site on a consistent ba … [Read More...]

Real Estate SEO Content Writing for all Locales

SEO Content and Conversion Optimization Marketing 101

I have been offering real estate SEO content services for the past 12 years. My specialty is geo-targeting for different markets across the nation. Each market must be researched  thoroughly whether I am covering multiple counties, one county, different communities within one county, major cities and neighborhoods, they all have their own local flavor and song. Generic SEO Content Doesn't Wor … [Read More...]

Time for Two-by-four SEO – Times Have Changed Online

Internet Marketing

In case you have not noticed, the way to go about online marketing has changed quite a bit and you have to completely rethink your online game plan. If you want to succeed online and achieve first page ranking for your specific long tails, because that is what you must have if you want to make it online, then you need to do things differently. Google is a Smart Search Engine! Google is now wi … [Read More...]

Best SEO Content Services -Think Outside of the Box!


So, what makes the best SEO content thinking outside of the box?  You have to be one step ahead of the game always and you have to be a good writer not an online copy scraper. Google and the others change around their ways and algorithms so much, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes .... but that's OK because you should always be on your toes if you want to stay in the game as with an … [Read More...]

Taking a Writing Break is Good for Your Creativity

louden image

I will say it again, taking a break is good for your creativity, especially if you are a writer. You need to do it for yourself , otherwise you feel dead inside, all dried up and have nothing new and interesting to say. What happens is that you start saying the same thing over and over again. You lose your oomph. Maybe you say it in different ways, but it has been said already and so why say it … [Read More...]

Real Estate Area Profile SEO Content Services – Example

geo target

Below is an example of a profile for Paso Robles, home of wine country and natural mineral springs, located in San Luis Obispo County, Central California. Notice that the page has property search and call to action prompts throughout. The post is also linked up to all San Luis Obispo County community pages and property search pages in order to boost area topic authority. At the bottom of the page i … [Read More...]

SEO Content Services for Product and Service Markets

HIPPAA Compliancy

As a SEO Ccontent writer and geo-targeting expert, I write for a variety of industries and niche markets. Here is an example of an article for HIPPAA Compliance about a breach that took place in Anchorage Alaska. Recent Breach - Anchorage Community Health Service, Inc. (ACMHS) HIPPAA compliance is a serious issue and with the recent court rulings about HIPPAA compliance, you can't afford … [Read More...]

Strategic Geo-targeted SEO Content Game Plan Services for Organic Online Success!

Strategic Geo-targeted SEO Content Game Plan Services for Organic Online Success!

Let's discuss your online goals. I have years of experience working with real estate agents across the nation as well as mortgage and finance professionals.  I also work with product and service clients in a variety of niche markets, geo-specific and nationwide. As a professional content writer and optimization/geo-targeting/website topic authority expert, a.k.a. organic SEO, What I provide for my … [Read More...]

Desocialization, Technology Slaves and Social Media

yes mster

I want to share a couple of videos with you about social media which I feel is more like anti-social media and what I happen to feel very strongly about. The first one is rap at it's finest, beating to the pulse of the times and needed - a slowed down version, so you can actually hear every word and nuance behind the words.  So, just for a minute or two, put down whatever technical device you ha … [Read More...]

Content Generation & Search Engine Placement

Whether your website is fresh right out of the gate or has been out there for awhile, all websites require a smart game plan and an optimized content strategy for online success. Page One Guarantee Of course everyone wants online success, but if you were to ask me if I can guarantee Google page one index placement within a certain miraculous time frame, the answer would be no because making s … [Read More...]

Optimized Content Services for Online Success!

Welcome to Get Found Now!

GET FOUND NOW is an all-natural search engine placement program guaranteed to produce prolonged periods of peace of mind, increased prosperity and a burgeoning bottom line. Why Choose GET FOUND NOW? Our all organic SEO programs are so healthy and our guarantee so ironclad that GET FOUND NOW replaces the need for all other search engine placement supplements. We are a content-focused SEO comp … [Read More...]

Creating Web Pages With Lasting Value

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The Internet can be a little like a hungry beast, demanding to be fed a constant stream of content. In some ways that’s the power of the Internet, it gets people the latest and most up-to-date information available. First magazines started to decline because week old new started to seem dated and now even daily newspapers seem behind the times thanks to nearly instantaneous spread of i … [Read More...]

Blogging – Nurturing the Creative Flow


Love to blog? Doesn't it feel wonderful when ideas for a really good post spring forth and the perfect words flow out effortlessly from the deepest recesses of your being? I call it the "creative blogging zone" and there's no other place I'd rather exist. Pixie Dust Magical but Not Always - lol That being said, I'm not always in that pixie dust magical creative space, and when I'm not and try … [Read More...]

A Few Helpful Blogging & Optimization Tips to Think About

A Few Helpful Blogging & Optimization Tips to Think About

These days, blogging is where it's at if you want to compete online for your share of the pie for your target market. The truth is that if you're not blogging on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week, and your competition is, they will win online and you won't.  It's really that simple. For some, however, blogging for business may seem like an overwhelming task to take on even though … [Read More...]

Beginning to Optimize Your Blog Posts

optimization cloud

If you've ever tried blogging before you know that writing it is only half the battle. The other part is getting people to actually read your posts. If you want to make headway on Google, Bing and other major engines,  it's important that you learn something about how search engine optimization (SEO) works. While SEO may seem hopelessly complicated,  it's actually fairly easy to get started, … [Read More...]

So, You Want to be on Page One of Google?


"Hi Victoria , I want to be on page one of Google. That being said, I want to pay you the least amount possible because I am on a very tight budget. How long will it take you to get me there and make it happen for me online?" As an experienced organic SEO content writer, WordPress content trainer and WordPress developer for multiply industries, how many times do you think I've heard that r … [Read More...]

Online SEO Content Mojo – Keeping It Real for You!

Content Blue Marker

My name is Victoria Stankard. You might have heard about me, or maybe not - LOL.  I'm not a rock star by any means. What I am is a professional blog writer and one of the industries I blog the most about is U.S. real estate markets and related real estate type articles. As an example, here is a parking site in Baltimore, Maryland: It's a real estate site with a cool twist … [Read More...]

What a Rap Site can Teach You about Website Promotion


For many people who don’t normally listen to rap music, the first time they ever heard of Rap Genius was when it popped up on news sites across the web in December 2013. The site that quickly became one of the top lyric sites online since it’s launch in 2009 became infamous after Google took it off its search pages. Unethical Link Building Slapped by Google Google discovered that the site … [Read More...]

Get Found Now! A WordPress Design Company that Actually Cares if You Succeed!

With heart and care that you succeed online

Get Found Now is not your ordinary WordPress Design Company. First of all, we have been in the SEO biz for over 10 years.  We started out by building static, "Fred Flintstone" websites utilizing FrontPage (remember that?) , then utilizing Dream Weaver and soon migrated over to WordPress because we could clearly see that compared to WordPress, static sites were a thing of the past and NOT where the … [Read More...]

Link Building Is Not What It Used To Be

non reciprocal linking

A few years ago, one of the primary SEO tactics was link building. There were tons of powerful tools to aid webmasters in obtaining and tracking inbound and outbound links. Well, with the last 4 Google updates,  multiple linking strategies are not only USELESS, but detrimental to website placement.  And even though this is common knowledge, as Google constantly reminds us of the dangers of p … [Read More...]

WordPress SEO Content Make-overs


You may actually have well written content on your website but if your content lacks geo-targeting and proper optimization, you will never get the kind of index traction you need for online success. We understand this very important layer or should I say multiple layers stacked together as a seamless whole, and our goal is that you get found now for the topics you write about. Our WordPress S … [Read More...]

How to Use Tags for WordPress SEO


If you are uncertain about how to use tags on your blog or if tagging posts is even important in the grand scheme of things, the answer is YES – but only if you are tagging correctly and your WordPress system is set up properly for search engine communication. In my travels as a WordPress blogging coach, I have found that bloggers often confuse tags with keywords and then go about creating a lot … [Read More...]

Write a New Blog-Post or Give an Earlier Post a Facelift?


Change is good for the soul and is also good for SEO. I  often tell bloggers that it’s never a waste of time to go back into earlier published posts, change things up a bit and give them a face lift with fresH  content as it will go sale very quickly..  It's actually a blogging misconception that writing a new post on the same topic you've already covered from A to Z , will help your topic autho … [Read More...]

Keywords – The First Tool in Your SEO Tool Kit

Keywords – The First Tool in Your SEO Tool Kit

If you want the major search engines to understand what your page is about, what is most relevant to users and how your content should be placed in the index, then you will need to do a little SEO (search engine optimization). That being said, organic search engine placement relies on fresh, informative and engaging content that REAL people enjoy reading, link back to, comment on (Google loves d … [Read More...]

Deep Link Navigation SEO

deep link navigation

One of the most important strategies for top search engine placement is deep link navigation SEO, otherwise known as intra- linking posts to posts, posts to pages and pages to pages within your own website. However, before you can even begin to implement this type of SEO strategy, your website must have a smart page navigation structure that is optimized for your niche market and/or geo- … [Read More...]

SEO Content Services – Writer’s Block Happens to the Best of Us!

Services, seo content writer

When you are TRYING, a.k.a., forcing your humble, human self to write, the immaculate, virgin white webpage in edit mode can be quite daunting. What are you going to write about today that is going to change the paradigm of man's thinking? - what is so so so important?  Holy shit. The possibilities are endless, and yet you are stymied and paralyzed by the those possibilities.  It's called writer's … [Read More...]