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We offer a solid SEO content strategy that includes driving targeted traffic to your site with dynamic, conversion-optimized content that will encourage your site visitors to take ACTION!

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Real Estate Content Services

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Optimized Real Estate Website Content

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About US

We provide professional SEO content services for websites and blogs specializing in real estate content.  We are a content-focused company with a solid background in organic search engine optimization and a proven track record of results! 
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12 Tips for Highly Productive Content Writing

12 Tips for Highly Productive Content Writing! Content writing for your website or blog can be a real challenge for some folks.  Let’s face it, not everyone is a natural born writer or a habitual writer at that. Not to mention that the need to constantly come up with...

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Why High Quality Backlinks Are Key for SEO

The Importance of High-Quality Backlinks Basically, there are two ways that the search engines use links: to discover new web pages and to help determine how well a page should rank in the search results.  Backlinks, also referred to as inbound links or incoming...

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Brainstorming for New Ideas When Blogging

Brainstorming for New Ideas & Sparking Creativity When Blogging! If you blog for your business or niche market, it can be easy to fall into a rut where you find yourself writing about the same old topics over and over again. Pretty soon, your articles begin to...

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GET FOUND NOW! – Optimized content and professional blogging services have been our passion for over fourteen years. As seasoned SEO content writers for a variety of industries and markets across the U.S., we specialize in online presence transformation! We keep it real by writing for REAL PEOPLE rather than focusing solely on search engines. Once we’ve flushed out a dynamic page of information-rich content, we then address the much-needed SEO and call-to-action layers, always in that order! Whether you need optimized webpage content, area/service specific landing pages, or ongoing blogging services, we can help you with all your online SEO content needs!

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SEO Content Services

Currently, there are over 173 million blogs populating the Web, and more than likely, your competitors are among them – blogging for business, brand recognition, and visibilty in the search results.  No longer can business owners ignore the importance of high quality SEO content and regular blogging as key components of a successfull online marketing stratgey!

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Real Estate Content Services

Our solid real estate SEO content marketing strategy is two-fold:  Drive targeted traffic (clearly defined audience for your geo-targeted market) to your site utilizing “best SEO practices” –  And provide uniquely valuable, conversion optimized, real estate content that will encourage your site visitors to take ACTION! (postively impacting your bottom line).

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Business SEO Blogging Training

For over a decade, GET FOUND NOW has been training people how to business blog effectively – including on-page and off-page SEO and conversion optimization techniques. Take our business SEO blogging training and acquire the skills you need to be a “ROCK STAR business blogger.”  Sign Up Today!