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So, You Want to be on Page One of Google?


"Hi Victoria , I want to be on page one of Google, pay you the least amount possible because I am on a tight budget and I want to give forth the least amount of effort on my part to get me there cause I am  very busy.  How long will it take you to make this happen?" As an experienced SEO content writer, WordPress content trainer, organic SEO expert and WordPress developer for multiply i … [Read More...]

Online SEO Content Mojo – Keeping It Real for You!

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My name is Victoria Stankard. You might have heard about me, or maybe not - LOL.  I'm not a rock star by any means. What I am is a professional blog writer and one of the industries I blog the most about is U.S. real estate markets and related real estate type articles. As an example, here is a parking site in Baltimore, Maryland:  Parkingathome.com. It's a real estate site with a cool twist … [Read More...]

Get Found Now! A WordPress Design Company that Actually Cares if You Succeed!

With heart and care that you succeed online

Get Found Now is not your ordinary WordPress Design Company. First of all, we have been in the SEO biz for over 10 years.  We started out by building static, "Fred Flintstone" websites utilizing FrontPage (remember that?) , then utilizing Dream Weaver and soon migrated over to WordPress because we could clearly see that compared to WordPress, static sites were a thing of the past and NOT where the … [Read More...]

Link Building Is Not What It Used To Be

non reciprocal linking

A few years ago, one of the primary SEO tactics was link building. There were tons of powerful tools to aid webmasters in obtaining and tracking inbound and outbound links. Well, with the last 4 Google updates,  multiple linking strategies are not only USELESS, but detrimental to website placement.  And even though this is common knowledge, as Google constantly reminds us of the dangers of p … [Read More...]

How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages


Geo-targeting for Maximum Area Authority and Exposure Comprehensive Geo-targeted area profile pages are the foundation for smart website SEO.  They will boost your area topic authority and search placement exposure if you link back to them from other relevant pages and posts of content from within your site. We recommend that you create a well thought out game plan/marketing strategy for the di … [Read More...]

WordPress SEO Content Make-overs


You may actually have well written content on your website but if your content lacks geo-targeting and proper optimization, you will never get the kind of index traction you need for online success. We understand this very important layer or should I say multiple layers stacked together as a seamless whole, and our goal is that you get found now for the topics you write about. Our WordPress S … [Read More...]

How to Use Tags for WordPress SEO


If you are a bit confused about how to use tags for Wordpress SEO, trust me, you are not alone.  I am often asked if tagging posts is even worth the bother and the answer is YES, but only if you use WordPress and tag your posts smartly. WordPress Post tags are so often confused with keywords and therefore, alot of redundant tags are created for the same topic. When this happens, saturation of ov … [Read More...]

Write a New post or Give an Earlier Post a Face Lift?


Change is good for the soul and is also good for SEO. I often tell bloggers that it’s never a waste of time to go back into earlier published posts, change things up a bit and give them a face lift.  It's actually a blogging misconception that writing a new post on the same topic you've already covered from A to Z , will help your topic authority and search engine placement.  Frankly speaking h … [Read More...]

Deep Link Navigation SEO

deep link navigation

One of the most important strategies for top search engine placement is deep link navigation SEO, otherwise known as intra- linking posts to posts, posts to pages and pages to pages within your own website. However, before you can even begin to implement this type of SEO strategy, your website must have a smart page navigational structure that is optimized for your niche market and/or geo- … [Read More...]

Protected: How to Shop for a Real Estate Agent That’s Right for You!

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read More...]

Search Engine Optimization for 2014


So, it’s a new year, one that brings with it fresh challenges and opportunities. This is especially true for the fast moving world of search engine optimization. The last few years have seen Google updates that have shaken up the game and there’s every reason think that something similar might happen again this year. These have been frustrating times for people who’ve seen their successful pr … [Read More...]

What a Rap Site can Teach You about Website Promotion


For many people who don’t normally listen to rap music, the first time they ever heard of Rap Genius was when it popped up on news sites across the web in December 2013. The site that quickly became one of the top lyric sites online since it’s launch in 2009 became infamous after Google took it off its search pages. Unethical Link Building Slapped by Google Google discovered that the site was … [Read More...]

WordPress Is Slow and Will Not Load Pages

slow wordpress

I know that lots of us have had a problem with WordPress lately, especially after the last updates. Now large hosting companies are going to tell you to install WP Super Cache, but that is not the issue and can actually hurt load times in certain situations. The fix revolves around plugins - surprise  surprise. WP Maintenance is a huge culprit that can be repaired in a few easy steps - see be … [Read More...]

Inventive Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts


When most people start writing a blog they feel like they’ve got enough ideas to last forever. Things are often much different a few weeks later when it begins to feel like you’ve used up all the good ideas. A successful blog is built on a steady stream of content and if you want to prepare yourself for this sort of success you need to come up with enough ideas to sustain your blog for the mon … [Read More...]

How The StudioPress Genesis Framework Helps Real Estate Professionals


If you're a real estate agent, then you probably already know how important the internet has become for making a sale. The National Association of Realtors® found that “a real estate agent’s web site was the second most frequent method reportedly used to search for homes for all buyers and first-time buyers specifically, and the third-most frequent method for repeat buyers.” The Internet has done … [Read More...]

Real Estate Website Mobile Responsiveness


Zillow.com, a major home and real estate market place, recently announced record numbers of homes being viewed by mobile devices and that smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales. Recent studies also show that mobile users are three times more likely than desktop users to contact a real estate professional following their mobile search. Latest mobile web stats show that over 40% of smart phone u … [Read More...]

The Ins and Outs of Worthwhile Backlinking

The Ins and Outs of Worthwhile Backlinking

There is a lot of misunderstanding, confusion and hyperbole about backlinks for search engine placement and website rankings.  Basically, backlinks are incoming links to your website. And yes, "quality" backlinks from authority sites with a high PR can be very beneficial for SEO. Google sees these types of backlinks as an indication of popularity, will consider "your" site an authority site and … [Read More...]