Publish Your Article When it is Finished and Not Before

 blogging tips, better blogging, professional blogging, seo blogging coach Publishing  your “editorial masterpiece” for all the world to see can be quite harry, scary, and ultimately exhilarating. When creative juices are  flowing and you’re on that exciting creative roll we all know and love, that is the best time to actually pull in the reins, believe it or not, and allow your creativity to flourish unrestricted and gestate in private without public rules and regulations.

Why? Because your creativity is all over the place and that’s the best kind of creativity that will deliver the best results. That being said, if you push the envelope by publishing your amazing content prematurely, a.k.a., before the finishing touches, it will appear amateur at best. Creativity must gestate and settle before shooting it out for all the world to see.

Make Sure Your Content Connects With Your Site Visitors

The ultimate goal of excellent content writing is to make sure that your entire creative vision translates and CONNECTS with your site visitors.  I focus on geo-targeted content and all things pertaining to the client’s area locale they want to dominate. And yes, I get very excited about what’s on the edgy-cusp and newsworthy for your geo-targeted area. However,  jumping the gun, especially without carefully thinking through your game plan can be very detrimental.

  blogging tips, better blogging, professional blogging, seo blogging coachXML RPC Notification Directories and Tweaking

When you publish an article on WordPress (if set up in the correct way), it will ping your XML RPC notification service  (automatic if you make it that so), and if you are still tweaking, tweaking, tweaking after you have published your article, it will continue to notify your XML RPC directories and can easily be misconstrued as SPAM, which is never good.

Shooting Your Unfinished Article Out Through Your RSS Feed

Even worse than that, you are shooting your raw, unfinished article out through your RSS feed to all your email subscribers. OUCH – we’ve probably all done it at least once or twice and yes, it is trés embarrassing. Ugh! Keep your lovely post in draft until you are totally done with it, and even if you think you are totally finished, wait a day, even two, for the  logging tips, better blogging, professional blogging, seo blogging coacharticle to morph without misspelled words, grammar issues and more needed work.

As a professional blogger and trainer for years, I am the poster child for just about every blogging faux pas that I talk about.  Embarrassing moments online, well, I chalk those up to experience and at the end of the day, I am a better blogger for it.

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