There are over 2 million blog posts published everyday.  77% of web users read blogs, 6.7 million people blog on sites like WordPress, and more than 12 million people blog via social networks.  And with over 630 million websites and at least 5.02 billion indexed pages on the web (as of November 11, 2016), it’s important that you know the ins and outs of writing an effective blog post with high quality content.

If you want online success, then you need to put your best foot forward with a smart content game plan that includes regular blogging. That being said, it isn’t about how many blog posts you can pump out that’s going to give you stellar brand recognition, maximum authority and higher index rankings, or what is ultimately going to convert your traffic to leads and sales.

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No siree bob – a quantity-focused content strategy is not going to get you the the golden ring – unless, of course, your blog posts are unique, informative and compelling as well as optimized for search engine placement and conversion.  The bottom line:  A smart content game plan is more than just a numbers game.

Does Your Content Measure Up?

The last thing you want to do is scrimp on “quality” for the sake of pumping out beaucoup blog posts that are void of merit and true value to your readers.  Your content directly messages your brand. Therefore, it should represent your brand in the best possible light, otherwise you do your brand, business, and online presence a grave disservice.

“Better Content = More Leads”

Low quality, quantity-focused content, a.k.a., marketing fodder, sends out an overall “low quality vibe ” to your readers, visitors and potential customers. And the truth is that busy people on the web don’t like to read low quality, substandard content, let alone share it on social networks. Google and the other major SEs are also not going to give it any love in the search results – and you can pretty much forget about conversion as well.

The “Blogging Zone” or Not

When it comes to blogging, if you are not feeling it, then by all means, don’t force it – because the end product will not reflect your intended message in the best possible light.  Instead, let your thoughts and ideas gestate and “stew in the pot” for a time.  Jot down your ideas, take a few notes and go do something else until the fog clears.

Trust me, we all have those days when it feels more like sludge running through our veins than anything resemblling intelligence or creativity. Trust me, I’ve been there and It will be more beneficial to your burgeoning bottom line if you wait it out until you’re officially back in the “blogging zone.”

Publishing – Don’t Rush It

When you are done flushing out what you believe to be an formative and dynamic blog post that’s worth your readers’ time, it’s still a good idea to hold off on immediately publishing it.  The reason being that when we are still so engrossed in the creative process, it can be hard at times to see our “creative masterpeice” with an objective eyeball. There may also be ideas or side points that you think about later – and that would make your post even more spectacular if you had waited to include them.  Also, a little distance from the creative process of writing helps the ole brain “see” grammar mistakes and phrasing mishaps that you might not catch otherwise (at least that’s how it works for me).

Blogging & On-page SEO

Although SEO is definitely an important element of effective blogging, it should not be your main focus while crafting a compelling blog post. That being said, if you are looking to dominate the index for specific keywords (and who isn’t), then by all means make that part and parcel to your content strategy. Choose specific topics that you can easily insert your important keywords into – in the most natural way possible.

Once you are done flushing out a meaty and compelling post you feel will resonate with your target audience, stop and take a brain break and reset. Then, go back in and add a layer of on-page SEO. The reason for doing this is simple.

Writing is a creative process, whereas, on-page optimization is more like science or a ‘formula’ that you apply to your content when all is said and done.  In other words, one is left brain – the other right brain, and both require a different mind set or approach for ‘maximum effectiveness.’

Is Your Blog Post Finished? Is it?

Once you are done creating “relevant and valuable content in order to attract and engage a clearly defined target audience” – and have added the important layer of on-page SEO – the next step is to add the final layer of conversion optimization (call-to-action).  The objective of conversion optimization is to “turn website visitors into customers by driving profitable customer action.”  And a blog post is basically unfinished until the final layer of call-to-action has been added. The reason why this layer is best added last is to ensure the post has substance and integrity.  What you don’t want is a post to read like marketing fodder, which can easily happen if you focus too much on ‘marketing’ while writing it – instead of the topic at hand.

That being said, I often stumble upon decent blog araticles, as far as the information goes, and that are obviously optimized well enough to be found in the search results, but lack any kind of call-to-action.  The third layer of the content pie, and what makes a post an effective one, is completey missing. Always give your site vistors something to take action on once they hit your site, such as:  a freebie ebook or how to guide, a free consultation, evaluation, online class or free quote, etc.

Many blog posts on the web also lack on-page contact information.  Folks, it’s really a mistake to expect site vistors to hunt around your website looking for contact information – because let’s be honest, they won’t take the time to do it.  Put important contact phone numbers, email addresses, contact form requests, etc., in plain view, and in multiple places – and definitely on “every page and post” on your site.

Better Blogging Takeaway

Writing an effective blog post is so much easier, and more effective, if you break it down down into 3 steps or layers:

  • Step one:  Flush out a compelling message with unique, high quality content
  • Step two:  Next, add a layer of on-page search engine optimization
  • Step Three: Last but not least, add a layer of conversion optimization (call-to-ACTION)

GET FOUND NOW!  SEO Content Services – Package Discounts Apply – Call Today for a Free Quote! (813) 782-1619

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