The Sacred Blogging Zone


The Sacred Blogging Zone

I look forward to entering the “blogging zone,” the creative space that’s free flowing and untouchable from the outside world.  All of my cares melt away as I mono-focus on what I am writing about and when I’m there, I feel peaceful and good.  

The zone is a sacred space that lifts your spirit and where words flow effortlessly as if someone was dictating softly in your ear what to write.  That’s the creative flow and it’s beyond the intellect. It comes from deep within the recesses of your being and wells up when you are truly in “the zone.” You know you are there when you don’t have to work for it.  

Most of you die-hard bloggers know what I am talking about and if you’re like me, the zone can keep some pretty bizarre hours. Personally, I am super creative in the early morning, before the rooster crows and the sun comes up, and I get a second wind in the middle of the night. I often have to crawl out of bed because the creative juices are nudging me and won’t rest until I pour out what needs to be said. Truthfully, I wish I could be more in control of my zone, but apparently, that’s not how it works.

I have also noticed that if I’ve had a taxing day, the zone beckons me even harder. Blogging soothes and mellows me out, like a fine glass of vintage wine.  I look forward to it and find that I MUST write. Blogging is my unwinding and when I am in the zone and riding the crest of that blissful creative wave, I am at peace and happy.

Don’t ever force the zone because you can’t. If it’s not happening, step away and wait for the call, otherwise, you’ll end up spinning your intellectual wheels, wasting your time and your blogging efforts will be in vain. Great blogging is a balance of intellect and creativity, but it’s the higher energy of creativity that must run the show.

When it comes to blog post optimization, you will achieve much better results if you separate out right brain creative blogging and left brain SEO. I never focus on optimization when flushing out a post. I open the flood gates and write, then I go back and optimize for the search engines – always in that order.

If you want to be a prolific, happening and successful blogger, respect and nurture your sacred blogging zone.

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