A Client and Soulful Friend

Over the last few months Michael and I went through some major rebuilding to say the least.  Oh man, we got way too big too fast and needed time to restructure our infrastructure for such incredible success. It was overwhelming to say the least. We are over the hurdle now and back at it full swing, but we only take on clients where the shoe foots.  Life is short and can be very sweet if you take care of your self on the journey.

Here are some beautiful words from a writer friend, Bill Curry. He is so good with words and a beautiful poet.  He wrote these words for us – how glorious is that?  We are moved.

Well here they are … poems and words meant to encourage you both…. Most of them I did month’s back, And how I write, move, add to build, for I see it as math.. go figure.

I altered some since I now have more info about you

And as you will see it can go in any direction

1…..Start Here-

Victoria, sorry to hear about you being sick, 
and to you I wish a speedy recovery and the wind at Michael’s back.Sometimes things are renewed after such an ordealin a better way, 
as our feet become grounded, planted, if you will, to His will. 
In a different fashion, a better stance and over time proper balance is obtained, 
and appreciated., like never before… Please give time its due
2…..and this one I wrote today

Very nice to speak with you
I have never been so engaged
Call me old fashion
To which I would have to say
Oh’ you like my style                              
Read and write can give life
I‘ts my up bringing 
And the pleasure conversing, was all mine

Poetry – my style

3……RecoveringThe days have been long, which is nice
and your thoughts, more reflective, eyes green…

for stillness is found
in in unclouded thought,
as the rose Victoria, 
blooms and comes into view

What I do is write letters to the heart, little sparks igniting thoughts-
by pulling moments together while sometimes weathering storms.

It seems you’ve had the fortune of a bump in the road and landed in a bed of flowers,
surrounded by your husbands arms. How sweet –  finding the stillness of an hour..

5….. The Happening:………………..………………

Traveling one day approaching light speed, 
the mirror broke and reflections scattered 
in a field of grasses green.With horses galloping a knight approaches
with lance and shield readied, 
emerging from a cloud of dust 
and carry’s you to safety.Which one of us has armor to withstand the winds of life?
None – without the mercy from above

The pleasures of a smile is worth it all. 
The touch of a hand the voice of a friend.To smell the roses to taste a moment
to water a bloom,
time has slowed 
as life begins anew. 


6… and this I wrote today… since I learned your eating habits

Not a fish not a critter ever enters my teeth, 
and I differently, don’t do beef.
Grasses and grains and walks and strolls,
as I go hand in mouth eating nuts and bowls
of seaweed and veggies 
real green stuff,
and I once again enjoy a passing cloud 
shaped – like a cream puff.  

and # 7……………..Your 1st Meeting………..

The gallery became alive one day, up by the Bay
with Dali, Picasso and that guy missing an ear.
Me with my tailored grace – 
stocking high heels lipstick in place.
The shop was classy, neat as a pin,
very cosmopolitan, a West Coast thing. 
When who should enter, who would stroll in, but a
hippy – with unshaven face and a grin.
‘ Very metropolitan’.
Hair a fright, voice that bellowed
like a fog horn past the portraits and frames
eating a peanut-butter sandwich with
a flowered shirt and mustard stains.

So as I approached with heels and lace
to give notice to such noise
as this is a library of sorts, quiet and refined, 
with champagne crystal and fancy plates
and I’m in charge. This baby is mine.

But he started me laughing and complemented my style
it through me off guard, and came to find out 
he knew more about art than a country mile.
Seemed he’d been to Venice along the Italian coast
and auctioned paintings, rarely seen by most.

We hit it off, out of the park, scored a touchdown, over the goal, 30 -love.

So, later that evening we dined, 
in that special place in time
where the air is magic, tis’ heaven, 
for those lucky enough to find.
And I became involved with this man of mine,
with candles, scented jasmine and our 84′ bottle of wine
and I still have the corks, forever still … in my treasure chest
and always will… from those days – with we at our best. 

So we’ve been through swamps with gators and rats, 
and been hits with baseballs and low flying bats,
we’ve been in homes grand and new, 
but now find more peace in our new smaller shoe…

the Best to both of you…. your friend Bill
Thank you Bill.