What We Do: Internet Presence Management

As Internet Presence Managers, we handle every aspect of a company’s online life.  There’s a lot to it and it requires a lot of different types of skill sets to be successful.

Although we did not coin the phrase “Internet Presence Management,” Get Found Now’s  business model is the only one that incorporates the WHOLE package. Yes, there are some companies out there that are similar, but do you really want them to be managing your Internet Presence when they can’t be found in the search engines themselves?

Here’s a breakdown of what Get Found Now does and why we can fulfill all the online requirements of just about any company.

Internet Presence Management Step 1 – SEO Server Technologies

Internet Presence Management starts at the beginning of all online businesses – the server. Get Found Now’s hosting partner is Rackspace and there is no better web hosting company on the planet. They have 24/7 support, bullet-proof backup and multiple data centers around the world that guarantees no downtime. They also support multiple platforms. Our platform of choice is Linux. While we maintain a Windows 2003 box for clients that won’t go away from asp or .Net, our programming is mainly PHP and MySQL.

Having multiple dedicated servers with the capabilities to support any platform or programming that new clients require allows Get Found Now to mange any type of website or e-commerce system. While we do not force our clients to host with us, they all do.

We must have control at the server level to manage the communication between our servers and the search engines. Every advanced server technology requires access at the root levels. Whether we are doing a mod_rewrite of database URL’s, redirecting old pages to new naming conventions or managing files and server behavior through .htaccess, root level access is a must.

Google itself is a huge Linux super node – multiple open source computers that are the basis for their crawling and indexing. While they don’t penalize sites running on IIS, their Webmaster Help Center clearly states that you should have an If-Modified-Since HTTP header:

Make sure your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This feature allows your web server to tell Google whether your content has changed since we last crawled your site. Supporting this feature saves you bandwidth and overhead.

This is a feature of Apache, the world’s most implemented web server, which is open source. It is possible to manipulate the HTTP header through ASP.NET, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do and you have to pragmatically alter settings that are natural in open source operating systems.

Another major tool for SEO is the .htaccess file which again is an Apache function that allows for re-writing, redirecting and other must have directory features. IIS just doesn’t have the SEOmojo that Linux does.

Whoever is in charge of your Internet Presence better know about servers and needs to be versed in both Windows and open source applications. You can take that to the bank!!

Internet Presence Management Step 2 – Website Architecture

Next up is the site itself. While most SEO companies start with keywords as their first step, Internet Presence Management firms start with structure of the website from the server on up to final designs for both usability and SEO.

One of the big separators between us and our competitors is the ability to envision a complete website from the foundation level, taking into consideration site structure, deep link navigation, programming, usability, SEO and analytics along with basics such as keyword management.

Keywords are critical to the URL creation or re-write on existing projects, but an overall architecture must be developed first.

Get Found Now has a team of programmers and designers that work with SEO engineers to set up a solid Internet Presence. Decisions about the technical framework, the aesthetic look and how the site will function all have to be made with search engine optimization in mind at all times. During the initial design and strategy meetings, a basic foundation of keywords will be decided upon that will allow for the URL structure to be created.

The URL and flat directory structure are the most important aspects of how a search engine spider will crawl and index the site. While deep link navigation is more often than not thought of as a usability feature, it is just as important for SEO. Pages need to be set up in layers or tiers that are organized to best pass through authority to their child pages.

Usability and SEO

The concept of a website as layers is not the mainstream view. When designing a site, we separate the SEO layer from the usability layer and then combine the two through Web 2.0 applications. This is a tough idea to wrap your head around if you think “inside the box.”  We look at websites differently because that is what experience has taught us.  Just focusing on SEOdoes not convert leads. Just focusing on usability makes it hard to get search engine placment.

A happy medium must be maintained, but every decision has to be based on search engine optimization.  Even one position above your competitors in the index could bring you hundreds, if not thousands, of lead opportunities you might not get otherwise.

Internet Presence Management Step 3 – Content Is King

Get Found Now is a content-focused SEO company. You won’t get anywhere in the search engines without solid, unique content. Tactics such as keyword stuffing and link baiting are only successful if there is content to back up the SEO.  I know there are a lot of exceptions out there, but we strongly feel that Google is going to crack down on paid linking, ad-only and content-weak sites.

We offer a content management service that is second to none. Our copywriters are also seasoned SEO experts and are trained in both research and optimization from the start. By providing our clients with interesting, informative and up-to-date content, we are keeping people engaged and the search engines happy. With Google’s Universal Search, Yahoo and Live’s algorithm changes and the emergence of ASK as a major search engine, news oriented sites are getting more juice than ever.

It is critical to any successful website marketing plan to not only write good content, but to get it out there. Get Found Now has a solid system we call the Managed Content Syndication Service.  This service is hands down the most aggressive organic marketing package available. Get Found Now has put together a powerful solution for our clients.

Social network marketing has gained such prominence with the search engines that you absolutely must have a blog to survive in the organic SERP’s. Get Found Now uses WordPress along with proprietary plug ins and optimized themes to gain exposure from the search engines. Our natural commenting service that builds up discussion on our blogs as well as our focus on quality content that people enjoy reading and link back to lends longevity to blog posts in the rankings.

Contact Get Found Now to learn more about our services.

Internet Presence Management Step 4 – Building Buzz And Inbound Links

Once the site structure is in place and content is created, the next and most important step is link building. The good old days of reciprocal linking are over. A website has to fight for inbound links. The only way to rank highly for competitive keywords is by amassing inbound links that have the keywords within the anchor text. Get Found Now utilizes many different strategies for acquiring inbound links.

While paid linking used to be a regular go to guy for us, we have gone away from most paid link companies as well as pay for blog post services that allow unrelated links or content on their publishers sites. Any links must be on topic or they will not help you in the long run. We are moving more towards buzz building campaigns and have had more success than ever.

By utilizing news outlets and optimizing press releases, Internet Presence Management companies like Get Found Now are obtaining thousands of solid inbound links from potent sites. Nothing works better than building natural buzz for getting those inbound links your site needs for authority. Without authority highly ranked pages can’t pass through their weight to other pages on your website. Link Juice is the latest term for pass through ratio, but all SEO people know that only inbound links can push a website up in the SERP’s.

Through Web 2.0, search engine optimization and server technologies, GET FOUND NOW has the solutions to manage any company’s Internet presence. With constant testing of applications and advanced marketing strategies you can’t pick a better company to GET FOUND NOW!

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