Dominate Local Search Results

GET FOUND NOW specializes in Local Search SEO. If your business relies on local customers you need to come up in the search engines for not just your main keywords, but your state and local cities as well. With all the changes Google has made to its index, people searching for services and products are being served results based on their IP address. The image below shows Google’s search results for “roof cleaning”, note that the arrow is showing Google’s notice that the results are based on My IP which is in the Tampa, FL metro area.

Google Basing Results on Your Location

Google is making it easier for searchers to find what they are looking for by focusing their SERPS on past search history and the physical location of the searching computer’s IP address. Now more than ever your site must be optimized for local search results!  Get Found Now has expertise in obtaining top placement for local searches.

Because of the changes in Google SERPS even nationwide businesses have to pay attention to local search results. There are techniques that Get Found Now uses to insure domination of local search results. There are two aspects of Google Local Search that influence the regular Google SERPS.

  1. Google Maps – Google maps are shown in the SERPS when you do a search that includes city and state information along with your keyword. An example would be roof cleaning tampa fl. If you look at the figure below you will note that at the top of the results next to the map of Tampa there are several listings which are pulled directly out of the Local Business Center through Google Maps.
  2. Google Places – Google will provide you with everything you need to advertise your business in Google through Google Maps and Google Base, their shopping system. Once you have set up a Google account you will have access to all of their Local Business Center Tools. There are a lot of options and choices as well as methods that will insure success in Google Places and rankings in the Google index. GET FOUND NOW has services that will propel your site into both the Google Maps Local Business results and in the natural index. Our Local Search Results services start at $75. We can either do it for you or train your staff on how to work with Google and understand the concepts behind what we are doing.

Google Map Results In SERPS

You will note that the results from Google Maps are ahead of the organic results. That is one of the primary reasons why your business must work with Google’s tool sets to stay ahead of your competition. 

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