Ad Nauseum – And Yes, I Spelled It RIGHT

SEO Blogging CoachI Googled the correct spelling of ad nauseum (a great word to play with and one so often misspelled)) cause I wanted to get it right in my latest post.

You who know me also know that I’m a notoriously, bad speller (and it’s only getting worse with age), so go ahead and y’all have a good chuckle on my behalf and glad I could make you lauuuggh today.

You also know, that despite my spelling faux pas’ (not sure how to make faux pas plural, so Brigitte, if you are reading this, help me out on this one) I get the job done when it comes to WordPress SEO blog coaching and getting great results in the SERPs.

Here’s the real funny – I used to be the 6th grade spelling bee champ and won them all, and did it for the gingerbread man cookie prize … and I admit,  a little fame and notoriety.

So, come fourth all ye hither Newport Elementary school graduates and let em know who was the spelling bee boss back then.

OK.  Enough said of my own greatness – ad nauseum. Please don’t hurl.






Seeing how often ad nauseam is misspelled makes some people want to throw up. English writers also often mistakenly half-translate the phrase as ad nausea.
This Latin phrase comes from a term in logic, the argumentum ad nauseam, in which debaters wear out the opposition by just repeating arguments until they get sick of the whole thing and give in.

Ad nauseum – Very, very, very cool common errors in English source:  Washington State University/Common Errors in English

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