Another Get Found Now success! – A Financial Company WordPress Overhaul

A Financial Website Overhaul Success Story by Get Found Now!We recently converted a static website built by the very smart, talented and beautiful Tagrid Shunia who is a commercial business loan and credit repair specialist and CEO of First Pro Capital. Tagrid built her own website and also designed her own header, so hats off to Tagrid for diving right in there and getting the job done.

However, Tagrid, the mover, shaker, leader and entrepreneur extraordinaire that she is, was ready to take her professional online presence to the next level because investors were starting to take notice.

Tagrid also understood that a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform was the best way to garner search engine placement quickly as long as she was willing to write on it three times a week for the first 90 days.  No problems there.

Website Before WordPress Get Found Now Overhaul

First Pro Capital Before Get Found Now

The first step for Tagrid was to work one-on-one with our talented graphic designer to create the perfect header/branding for her new site. Proofs went back and forth until Tagrid was satisfied with the final product.  She and I then worked on creating a clean and smart, user-friendly navigational menu for the site.

Once that was done, Tagrid got busy writing up her page content, which I then optimized, formatted, added graphics to and did my SEO magic.  Michael installed the site, handled setting up the back-end for server to search engine communication and moved the site once it was complete.  No “league of one” glory seeking here – it was a “team effort” all the way around and took about three weeks to complete from start to finish!

Tagrid now has a beautiful performing Studio Press-Genesis WordPress SEO blogging platform to represent her business that she can now be very proud of.  Tagrid was a total professional and pure joy to work with!

After StudioPress/Genesis WordPress Overhaul by Get Found Now!

“We recommend Get Found Now to any business owner. Victoria Stankard and her team provided exceptional work, efficient turn times and excellent customer service.  After the success of our new website development with Get Found Now, we hired them for all of our branding and other marketing projects.”

Tagrid Shunia
CEO of First Pro Capital
West Palm Beach – Chicago IL

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Check out our WordPress Studio Press/Genesis Design Portfolio for a variety of niche markets and Industries. We set up the back-end for sever to search engine communication, create a beautiful website on the front-end with professional header/branding and smart usability/navigation AND we train you how to effectively SEO blog your site.  We are a one stop, full service WordPress shop!

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We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress, and training people how to SEO blog effectively on it.  Get Found Now is a WordPress site with a 99/100 overall Moz website score.  This is what we bring to the table and can help you attain for your own WordPress blog!  Check out what our valued clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

If you would like us to design you a brand new WordPress blogging platform (Portfolio), would like a WordPress back-end tune-up on your existing self-hosted WordPress site (only $99), or need some SEO blog coaching, please give us a call at 813.782.1619.

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