Another Get Found Now WordPress Real Estate Sucess Story!

Whoa! You gotta check out, a site we came in on ‘after the fact.’  About a month or so a go,  we got a call from Victor Yepello , the online presence manager for Ron Jessor, a top dog real estate expert in the Palm Springs area. Victor called us because he wanted a back-end tune-up for Ron’s brand new WordPress site that was configured and designed by a company in England.

Another WordPress Success Story!

I have to tell you, Victor is one amazing guy – super smart, creative, a Jack of all trades and very Internet savvy.  He called Get Found Now because wanted to make sure that everything was set up on the back-end for server to search engine communication, which we sorted out.  The truth is that most WordPress sites we come across are not set up completely and that is why they don’t perform. Our WordPress SEO tune-ups are thorough and get the job done!

Victor then made the wise choice to upgrade Ron’s theme to the Genesis framework, the most powerful blogging platform there is, par none. We then worked on tweaking the existing navigational menu. Victor added area profile pages so he could link back to them in his posts and get authority for the Palm Desert cities Ron wanted to geo-target and dominate. We did a few other menu tweaks and now the site is perfect for usability and SEO.

Vic then decided that he wanted to take our WordPress blog training and SEO coaching. He knew that he was capable of getting the job done in the writing department, but wanted to make sure he was formatting and optimizing posts correctly for search engine placement.  Although Genesis has many built in SEO features, you have to know how to use them and blog effectively to get results.  Victor happens to write fabulous local-ism posts along with a broad mix of other post topics and after just a few training sessions, he now has optimization and formatting down solid.

I have to say that Vic was a joy to work with.  Not only did he understand in a heart beat everything covered in our blog coaching and WordPress training sessions,  he turned me on to some very cool WordPress plugin finds and WordPress design ideas. Togther, we were the “Victor/Victoria dynamic duo” and I probably learned more from Vic than he learned from me.

Yes, Get Found Now got in there and fixed some things, but Victor is “the man” that deserves all the kudos for this amazing WordPress site.  Michael and I wish Ron Jessor continued success and with Victor at the helm of his online presence, he is in very good hands!

Rock on Victor, rock on!


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