Are You SEO Business Blogging or Just Blogging?

SEO Business Blogging Tips“Why am I not getting any leads or placement in Google?” is a common conundrum I hear from many bloggers, even those who blog on a fairly consistent basis.  SEO Business blogging, the kind that engages your readers, gets placement in the index and converts traffic to leads is not rocket science.  However, you do need to be somewhat methodical in the way you go about it if you want maximum results.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and SEO blogging tips to keep in mind:

Are You Blogging for Your Target Audience?

Do you even know who your target audience is?  Are they married, single, have families? How old are they?  What income level are you aiming for?  Are you writing at your target market’s level of comprehension or are you using acronyms and industry specific terms that only a professional in your field would understand?  Make sure that your message is clear and is the right message for your target audience.

Are You Blogging with a Plan?

Do you have a well thought out content plan or are you blogging on the fly about whatever topics pop into your head? It’s OK to be spontaneous and let the creative juices flow now and then, but you need to be smart about the topics you blog about if your intention is to SEO blog for business.

For example, if you want to get placement in the index for the search term “Fort Collins homes for sale,” how you will get it is by writing a series of posts (local events, market reports, lifestyle, etc.) about Fort Collins, intra-linking your posts together and linking your posts to your Fort Collins page.  Write post after post of fresh, unique content from every conceivable angle and build up “blog topic authority” for Fort Collins homes for sale.  Have a plan, be consistent, stay on course and hit it hard!

Are You Optimizing Effectively for Your Locale?

If your target market is location specific, are you optimizing your post content accordingly? A lot of bloggers miss the mark when it comes to geo-targeted optimization.  Bolding non-local, generic search terms such as “real estate,” “homes for sale, “dental implants” or “garage door repair” will not drive local traffic your way.

For example, let’s say that you have a dental practice in Medford, Oregon and you are writing a post about cosmetic dentistry. If you simply bold “cosmetic dentistry,” you are competing for a fairly useless search term that you probably won’t get placement for anyway. Rather, use a geo-targeted search term such as “Cosmetic dentistry in Medford, Oregon,” which will garner local placement and wrap it in a strong tag.

Whenever possible, also include a Google map in your blog posts for geo-targeted SEO. Google maps unequivocally help give posts “location authority.”  For more on this subject, read “Why Using Google Content In Your WordPress Blog is Beneficial.”

Are You Promoting Your Buisness and Blog Posts to the Max?

There are blog posts and there are SEO business blog posts. What category do your posts fall under? I can’t tell you how many engaging, informative and well written posts I have read that are utterly useless when it comes to generating actual business. If you are looking to get placement in the index and convert traffic to leads, then you must get serious about SEO and assertively promote your business within your posts, no matter what topics you choose to write about.

When it comes to SEO, Internet users are accustomed to seeing search term bolding, so get over any fears you might have that strong tags will turn off your readers.  A serious business blog post needs SEO (strong tags, meta title tags, keyword rich heading tags, post tags, etc.) if you want people to find the post in the index.

You also don’t want to spend hours writing a fabulous, information rich blog post, then leave out your marketing plug/contact information at the bottom.  Always include phone numbers and a link to your online contact form (or better still, add an online contact form directly into your post).  Most site visitors are not going to rummage around your website for that information. 

Be bold.  Tell your readers why you are the best and why they should contact you, then ASK them to contact you.  This logic does not make your post an “infomercial.”  It makes it a serious, to the point, buisness garnering post and why would you want to waste your valuable time otherwise. 

Here is an example:

Carlsbad CA Real Estate Expert

Adan Properties is your premier real estate brokerage in the Greater Carlsbad area.  We are specialists in Carlsbad real estate and the communities of Encinitas, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista.  We have over 20 plus years experience serving our clients –  We KNOW North County. When you plan to buy or sell Carlsbad area real estate, allow us to work for you.  Our team of dedicated professionals is here for your success.  For more information on how we can best serve your real estate needs, please complete our online contact form or give us a call.  Also, check out what our fabulous clients have to say about us on our testimonials page!

Bus: 760.720.9710
CA LIC# – 01291108

The bottom line is that if you don’t ask for the sale, you aren’t going to get the sale, so go for it!

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  1. Hi Larry, For the record, I go back into posts “numerous” times and make them better. I need fresh eyes, a clear head and a divorce from posts I write. With WordPress, bots and spiders come crawling everytime you update or add fresh content, so this works well for keeping activity on your site and your blog posts well placed in the index.

  2. I am very excited to have found this post. I have been looking for ways to drive targeted traffic to my new blog using this method. I will try to implement and see how it works on my blog. Thanks.

  3. I know that I can get too “touchy, feely” with a post. Because I am the authority and provide something of value, I should expect a reader to call with every post I write. I am the expert they found with the info they were searching for! I AM blogging for business!

  4. Right on Eugene. Write fabulous posts AND blog for business!

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