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 seo blogging tips, blog post optimizationIf you’ve ever tried blogging before you know that writing it is only half the battle.

The other part is getting people to actually read your posts. If you want to make headway on Google, Bing and other major engines,  it’s important that you learn something about how search engine optimization (SEO) works.

While SEO may seem hopelessly complicated,  it’s actually fairly easy to get started, though mastery can take years. If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll start climbing the ranks of Google and attracting new readers.

Start with a Keyword or Phrase

The most basic element of SEO has always been the keyword, or the words people type into search bars in hopes that they will lead them to whatever they desire. Search engines are getting more complicated but it’s still helpful to think in terms of keywords, for search engines and for readers.

You can either start by researching keywords you want to target with your post or get an idea and figure out a keyword. While writing keep your keywords in mind and ask yourself “how can I help people who are searching for this keyword?” You can also use the keyword throughout the article but don’t use it too many times.

Carefully Choose Your Post Title

There is a reason that the best authors take coming up with a title incredibly seriously. It’s the first thing that people read and readers and search engines alike will judge your post based on the title you choose. So don’t be afraid to take some time to think up the right title.

For SEO purposes it’s always good to include your chosen keyword in your title. While you might want to give your post a title that sounds clever and artistic for our purposes it’s better to be clear and descriptive.

Customize Your URL

Branding every element of your post is important and your URL for your post should be as descriptive as its title. Too many people allow WordPress to automatically generate a URL that doesn’t convey any information to search engines or readers.

Here is where coming up with a short and descriptive title that includes your keyword is helpful since such a title is easy to translate into a customized URL.

Start Linking

The basic building blocks of SEO are keywords and links. If you’re not used to building links then you should get started. Internal linking is an extremely important practice which consists of linking from one part of your page to another. You want people to stay on your site for as long as possible and this kind of linking will help people flow from one post to another for as long as possible.

Don’t Overdo It

When most people find out that they can appeal to search engines by using keywords and phrases the tendency is to try and stuff articles full of keywords. This may have worked years ago but now it’s a good way to get Google to punish your site. So it’s best to avoid using your keyword more than once a paragraph.

Never sacrifice readability in an attempt to appeal to search engines. Even if you can trick Google for a while it will hurt you in the long run. Making your site appealing to readers is the best way to do well with search engines.

Reaching for the Top

There is no one way to get to the top of Google and other search engines and these tips won’t guarantee a spot on the first page,  but every tool you use correctly means a better chance.

In this day and age everything about your website has an impact on it’s spot on Google – from your design, to the links you get, to the formatting of your page and its design. Success comes when you write quality posts and format them for the best possible impact. If you aren’t confident about your technical skills you should consider hiring someone to do the optimization and formatting for you. We can help.

Whatever your ultimate goals may be,  you can start improving your posts today. It takes time to reach the top, but the sooner you put these strategies into practice, the sooner you’ll see headway in the index.

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