The Best Hosting for WordPress – Understand Your Options

Congratulations!!  You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and go for a self-hosted WordPress site.  Get ready for leaps and bounds in your site’s performance in the SERPs and increased traffic. With a self-hosted WordPress site, you’ll now be able to control your own SEO and online destiny!

Whether you’re starting out with a new WordPress site or upgrading to a self-hosted one, when it comes to choosing the right type of hosting, our recommendation is to pay a little bit more and go with a grid or cloud, which is an array of web servers that share bandwidth, space and capabilities across ALL servers. 

Grid or Cloud Hosting for WordPress

A grid or cloud allows sites that need more resources to access them as needed, which significantly speeds up the load time of dynamic websites such as WordPress. From the host’s standpoint, if part of the cloud or grid goes down, the rest of the grid takes over and serves the websites without skipping a beat,  insuring that your site will never go down or slow down.

Slow Load Quick-fix Plugins are Not the Answer

Basically, you get what you pay for when you opt for basic or “cheap” virtual hosting and more often than not, the server’s been oversold which will cause your site to slow load.

And despite what other WordPress pundits might tell you, quick-fix plugins like Super Cache and similar band-aid fix plugins are NOT the answer for a slow loading issue, even though the majority of hosting company sales reps, because they know they are oversold, will recommend a quick-fix plug in to solve your problem. 

Folks, the right answer is a more robust hosting solution.  Plugins take a snap shot of your site (cache) and load it into your site visitors’ browser, which means that new visitors (unique) that come to your site will still have to wait for your site to load.

The Right Platform for WordPress

When choosing the best platform for a self-hosted WordPress site, we recommend Linux (Apache) over Windows (IIS or Internet Information Service).  Apache is our favorite, hands down, and the only one we really work on.

If you or your hosting company only uses Windows, the Triad needs to be installed – PHP, Apache and MySql.  These programs are default in Linux.  Linux is also more secure, but the most appealing aspects of Apache revolve around SEO.  Apache uses a .htaccess file that allows for easy redirects, permalinks and solving issues when transferring web sites from one host to another.

Once a platform is chosen, an actual hosting company is needed and there are many popular hosting companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator, HostRocket and for more advanced needs, Rackspace (our personal favorite). The most important element in choosing a host is whether or not they provide cloud or grid hosting packages. If your host doesn’t provide a cloud or grid, you need to find a new host,

Dedicated Hosting for Multiple Sites on One Server

Other hosting options include dedicated hosting which means your site(s) are all located on one server which you would have full control over.  However, this should only be used by advanced users that have more than 20 active sites and that require over 100GB of outbound bandwidth per month (around 50,000 to 75,000 unique visitors per day). For most site owners, dedicated hosting is unnecessary.

Clouds Instead of Dedicated IP Addresses 

Any SEO hosting packages that offer dedicated IP addresses for more money are a waste of time these days. Five years ago, dedicated IP’s with unique classes were one way to separate websites from one another. With the advent of cloud computing, Google must respect virtual hosting being used by different websites that may share an IP on any given day. 

In summary, we highly recommend grid or cloud hosting on a Linux server running Apache for a dynamic WordPress site, especially with the Genesis framework.

Article was written by Victoria Stankard after picking Michael Stankard’s brain.

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