SEO Blogging for Business, blogging tip,s seo blogging tipsSEO blogging has become one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. Consequently, a lot of people are jumping on the business blogging band wagon.

A blog can help drive traffic to your website and increase your website rankings for search engine placement if the primary focus of your blog is quality content.

Quality content is how you build blog authority, which you get when people enjoy reading your blog posts and link back to you. Therefore, PEOPLE should be your primary focus, not search engine spiders and SEO.

Optimized, generic fodder will never create blog authority no matter how many SEO blog posts you push out the door. One excellent post that’s been linked to, re-blogged, tweeted, re-tweeted, facebooked, commented on or mentioned on other blogs will help build more blog authority than a thousand and one SEO focused posts void of substance!

Inbound Links for Blog Authority

Inbound links that come from relevant, authoritative websites/blogs help build authority for your own blog. Inbound links let the search engines know that your site is a trustworthy source of informative content that people feel is worth linking to.

Inbound links from websites or blogs that have search engine authority are going to give you more in the way of “inbound link juice.” The better your content is, the more websites with authority will link to you. Basically, an inbound link or back link is only as good as the source from which it came from (as of November 27, 2010, this post has generated 31 inbound links).

SEO Blogging for Business, blogging tip,s seo blogging tipsBlog Comments – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Allowing comments on your blog can be a great way to build blog authority.  Often times, the after-post discussion, questions and banter is more interesting to readers than the actual post itself.  People like discussion and the way you create it is by writing quality content that’s interesting, informative and that inspires people to add their two cents and link to your post via social networking or on their own blog.

However, there is a flip side to blog comments. People have become very comfortable with speaking their mind and voicing their opinion in the public blogosphere – and not everything they have to say is pretty!  Therefore, don’t ever feel that you can’t delete a comment on your blog that is derogatory, defaming or simply rude in the name of “free speech.”

Your blog is YOUR BABY and you have every right to delete spammers, haters or rude people who get off dumping their negativity where ever they can.  Promptly delete those comments and don’t think twice about it.  ESPN and other highly trafficked sites have what are called “flags” for derogatory comments. When a comment gets flagged by enough readers, it gets deleted – end of story!

The bottom line is that if you want blog authority, focus on quality, engaging content, then think about SEO for the search engines – always in that order.

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