BLOG (Better Listings On Google) is actually short for “weblog” and refers to a dynamic website that is frequently and easily updated with blog posts. These days, companies large and small, and in every conceivable industry and geo-market, have hopped on the blogging bandwagon to grow their business. And if they have not done so, they are surely getting left behind. With the mega speed and reach of the Internet, blogging has transformed the way people do business. It has become an indispensable tool for promoting your business online, and blog site location or search engine placement has become even more important than a ‘brick and mortar’ physical address.

Recipe for Better Search Engine Placement

And so you ask, what is the recipe for getting your business blog actually found online?  Well, it’s a combination of different ingredients or elements that work together as a cohesive whole including

Not Just Any Content will Do

blogging tips, fresh and engaging contentWhen it comes to blog content, make sure you deliver content that’s fresh, interesting, relevant, and clearly written for your target audience.  You also want to consider the tone of your writing and the level you are writing at. In other words, be informative and also keep it simple by delivering your salient points as succinctly as possible. I recommend breaking up larger or more in-depth topics into subtopics as separate posts, which can be linked together as one information structure. This is more beneficial from a usability standpoint as well as SEO.

How the overall look of the page is also important. I call it the “gestalt of a page.” Use eye-catching images that draw your visitors down past the title of the page and enhance visual appeal. Use heading tags that support the h1 (title) tag to organize and break up blocks of content and specify what is to follow.  Create shorter, to the point, paragraphs that are super easy to scan.

Take Care of Your Loyal Blog Fans

Loyal readers and subscribers of your blog are also very important to your business blog marketing success. You gain loyal followers when your blog is recognized as a trustworthy source of informative, cutting-edge content that encourages discussion in the way of comments. To gain loyal blog followers, you first need a clear understanding of who you are blogging for so you can connect with your audience at their level of understanding.

If you keep it real and be yourself, as if you were conversing with friends, you’ll have loyal blog followers who will be your greatest allies.  They will turn other people on to your blog and business via social media mentions, links from their blog to yours,  and word of mouth.  Be especially considerate to your loyal blog readers.

Blogging TipsRSS – Real Simple Syndication

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It allows people to subscribe to your blog and is a useful tool that sends the latest updates and information on your favorite websites. RSS uses XML code that constantly scans the content of a website for updates, then shoots out those updates to all subscribers through a feed. When an update is sent out, it includes a title and excerpt of the entire post.  You might like to read: Why RSS is an Important Marketing Tool for Your Blog

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