art blogging and scienceThe 21st Century has brought us a myriad of amazing technological achievements;  smart phones, tablets, electronic books and an influx of user generated personal spaces to share their lives.

Whether you Tweet or Facebook or You Tube your child’s first steps, your content will be instantly available to your family and friends. That is the power of our technology!

How The World Wide Web Has Changed

The information age is no longer in its infancy.  The question posed by all of us chasing the almighty dollar is “how do I leverage this technology for my business?” To understand the answer, one must first understand the ever-changing landscape of the World Wide Web. The Internet and the usage of it cannot be viewed in two dimensions, but  in three.

If the WWW was like our sky, when we gazed upon it, there would be 2 bright stars, Google and Bing. Orbiting them are planets like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook , Myspace etc. As our solar system function within a fabric of space and time, so goes the WWW. Everything today is instantaneous, there is no delay with communication any longer. Keeping fresh content, relevant to your site, promoting said content on social media, is the only way to remain in the search engines.

By consistent branding across your networks and fermenting discussion on your content, your site is no longer relying strictly on one delivery system.

“the Earth is simply too small and fragile a basket for humans to put all their eggs in” – Arthur C Clark

At the core of our Internet solar system, the primary stars have changed over the last few years. They are no longer search engines, but have morphed into answer engines. To be successful in the Twenty First Century you must be prepared to provide the answers!

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