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creative blogging tips, creative blogging, blogging tipsLove to blog? Doesn’t it feel wonderful when ideas for a really good post spring forth and the perfect words flow out effortlessly from the deepest recesses of your being? I call it the “creative blogging zone” and there’s no other place I’d rather exist.

Pixie Dust Magical but Not Always – lol

That being said, I’m not always in that pixie dust magical creative space, and when I’m not and try to blog anyway, well …. what comes out of me sounds kind of forced and probably not worth reading to begin with.

What usually happens is that I’ll read what I have written over a few times, let it stew in the pot for awhile, a.k.a. the can or draft, and end up scraping the darn thing when all is said and done. The truth is that if a post is not very good to begin with and uninspired with barely a pulse, no amount of time in the can is going to resuscitate it and bring it back to life.

I’ve found that the more you try to rework a post over and over again, and if you’re still basically unsatisfied with the end results, it’s probably time to put that puppy to rest and move on to something else – No use “beating a dead horse”( as my kiss ass grandma used to say).

The Mojave Desert Blues

Yes, I’ve had my share of painful and seemingly forever creative dry spells when it comes to blogging. And during those God awful times, I feel like I don’t have one worthwhile idea to contribute out there or a single creative bone in my body.  I call it the “Mojave desert blues ” where the well runneth dry.

Trust me, those dry spells can happen to the best of us and they can be very disconcerting.  It can feel as though we’ll never find our way back to that exhilarating place we thrive in as well as depend on as bloggers  – “the ZONE.”

What I have discovered, however, at least from my own experience, is that when my energy is invested in other things that seem to take precedence over the present moment and where creativity is most alive, it can take a back seat and feel … well …rather non-existent.

Don’t Freak Out About It

All I can say is that if and when you find yourself in that uncomfortable, unmerciful and uncreative place, try not to freak out about it because it will only make matters worse. Think of it as a temporary hiccup in the natural ebb and flow of the creative process. The juices will start to flow again once you’re feeling less encumbered by the other things going on in your life.

The Stuck Zone

If you find yourself hanging out in the stuck zone, you can do one of two things – you can either push on in angst and effort or you can be more proactive and energetically shift the head space you’re in. I guarantee that the latter option will get the creative show back on the road a whole lot faster.

Finding Your Amusement

I’ve found that the best antidote for getting unstuck is to find your amusement, especially when you’re feeling way too serious about the small stuff going on in your life that is nudging at you, and that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter all that much. Creativity is such a high level, lighthearted and carefree vibration and the easiest way to connect with it is to let go and match it at a joyous, kindergarten level.

Take a look at children for example. They live to play and have fun, and are totally immersed in the present moment. Kiddies are the masters when it comes to utilizing creative imagine to the 10th power with zero effort, and remind us how to lighten up and let go of whatever may be weighing us down in the now moment.

I really like this Urban Dictionary definition of creativity:

playing childishly with obvious, known or old information and ideas can produce something new and great. This is creativity. It is the engine of imagination and the keel of not just science and art, but all intelligence, problem solving and dealing with life in general. Every child is born creative. Its our key challenge to help our kids preserve their creativity into adulthood.”
by author: johnisnow
Out of the Slump 
So, if you are experiencing a temporary creative slump, please don’t get your knickers all in a bunch and throw in the towel.  Instead, give yourself a little permission to be wherever you’re at, and try and find your amusement in that easy, no effort, kindergarten space.  I guarantee that before you know it, you’ll be back in the saddle with a creative spring in your step and happily blogging again.

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