Brainstorming for New Ideas & Sparking Creativity When Blogging!

If you blog for your business or niche market, it can be easy to fall into a rut where you find yourself writing about the same old topics over and over again. Pretty soon, your articles begin to sound all the same and mechanical. This is where brainstorming for fresh, new ideas and sparking your creativity is critical — otherwise, you’ll start to lose your readership and the traffic you do get will not be at an optimal conversion rate.

For many of us, brainstorming fresh, new ideas can be a challenge. It often seems like inspiration strikes when we least expect it, and that when we need to come up with ideas during a brainstorm we come up short. There are a number of different factors that make brainstorming difficult. Some people prefer to spend time thinking alone, instead of shouting out ideas in a big group. Others fall victim to groupthink and have difficulting expressing ideas that feel too unique.

If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas, it can be helpful to switch gears completely and go get some fresh air outside. Preparing for a brainstorming session beforehand is also beneficial, as this will help you get into the adequate headspace to stimulate idea generation. Some people even make mood boards full of things that inspire them to help stimulate creativity. The most important thing is to create a brainstorming routine that works for you!

Fundera created the infographic below that outlines the four pillars of brainstorming. The visual provides actionable tips that are sure to help you improve idea generation, no matter your job title or industry. Read on to learn easy to follow brainstorming best practices.

 Brainstorming & Creativity

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