Online Presence Management-Building Relationships with People the Get Found Now Way!

Building Relationships with People the Get Found Now Way!

How many people can actually say they LOVE what they do for a living and mean it? Well, I CAN say that and feel extremely blessed. My husband and I have been doing business on the Internet since CompuServe/AOL dial up was considered “the bomb” so you can imagine how many gray hairs we have and how long we’ve been at it.

Yes, we’ve come a long way since we first embarked on the world wide web and we’ve learned a lot in our travels.  That being said, it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out there doing what we do  because the Internet changes on a daily basis and what was considered cutting edge yesterday is passe?  today.

Our Family of Friends

Internet Present management is what we do and a big part of our job is staying on top of never ending search engine, WordPress and Social Media changes, advances and updates.  But if you were to ask us what it is we really do and the secret of our online longevity and success,  I’d have to say that we are in the business of “building relationships with people.”

We really don’t consider those we partner with as “clients” because we take the time to get to know you and earn your trust.  How else can you build a lasting partnership? And once you sign up with Get Found Now, you are part of our inner circle and “family of friends.”

What We Do

We will wrap our heads around your business, take you to the next level and push the envelope with innovative strategies to grow your business and establish a solid online presence.  At the center of our game plan is user-generated content on a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform running the Genesis framework.  Although there are many blogging systems out there to choose from, experience has shown us that WordPress/Genesis performs extremely well, is user-friendly and easily updates with one click of a button. That being said, we see no reason to fix what isn’t broken or reinvent the wheel.

After we design, configure and customize your WordPress/Genesis website for your particular industry and niche market, we train you how to use it so that you are blogging effectively right out of the gate.  We then give you a Social Media plan for spreading your message, fermenting and owning the discussion and networking with like-minded people to grow your online business presence.

It’s Not Just Biz as Usual with Us

We want to be your first call and no matter how busy we get, we make ourselves available by phone or email when you have questions or problems. We also don’t charge monthly service fees or nickel and dime you for every minute of our time. That’s not how we roll.  When you put your online business presence in the care of Get Found Now, it’s not just ‘biz as usual.’  We are in it for the long haul and your success is our success, which we happen to take very seriously.  We are 75% referral based and take good care of our “family of friends,” –  just ask them!

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