Blogs have become an indispensable and cost-effective marketing tool on the web. And according to a recent HubSpot survey, “60% of businesses who regularly blog acquire more customers.” Blogs provide a place to show people what you’re all about, and every post you publish helps promote your expertise, products and/or services.

Static Web Pages

Most websites consist of a specific number of pages which rarely get updated. When site owners view pages as “finished,” they tend to be forgotten about. Unfortunately, static web pages that are never updated become stale over time.  A dynamic blog, on the other hand, is continuously growing, morphing and changing with every new article you publish. By regularly updating your blog, you’ll not only keep it fresh for your readers, Google recognize constant updates of uniquely valuable, quality content and will reward your site with higher rankings.

Buying Traffic or Blogging for It

These days, business website owners understand the need for ever increasing traffic because traffic translates into more leads and sales. And yes, you can buy traffic with Pay-per-click ads (PPC), commonly associated with search engines such as Google Ad Words and Microsoft Bing Ads. With PPC, you bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. However, the paid traffic route can get a bit pricey, especially if you don’t diligently monitor your PPC.

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Also, if you have a tight marketing budget and your PPC marketing dollars run out, your traffic also dries up.  Regular blogging, however, will drive “organic” traffic to your site without having to pay for it. If you’re currently buying traffic, regular blogging will allow you to taper down and eventually you can drop PPC driven traffic altogether.

Content Syndication, Social Media & RSS

A blog is your direct communication channel and with every new post you publish, you have an opportunity to show up in the index and drive new traffic to your site. That same content can then be syndicated through your social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.  Other folks, who are satisfied with your content, can now share it on their social networks, which will help expose your business to even more audiences.

“Better Content – More Leads!”

When it comes to syndicating your content, the idea that Google will “penalize” you for having duplicate content out there is no longer the case since there’s a link directing to Google bots back to your site where the article originated from.  Also, the idea that syndicating content won’t drive traffic to your website should not be a concern either as traffic is being directed back to your site via a link.

Most all content management systems like WordPress have a default RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed where visitors can subscribe to your latest posts via a feed reader – then share your feed through a variety of social networks. Visitors can also sign up to your RSS feed directly on your site and receive your latest updates via email. Learn more about RSS and how it works – Click here.

Lead Generation – Call to ACTION!

Once you’ve established regular blogging and are now driving new organic traffic to your site, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. Take full advantage of your new traffic by adding lead generation call to action within your content.

Give your site visitors something in return for filling out a form that gives you their contact information. Basically, you want people to do fill out a form so you can get their information and turn it into a lead.

It’s best to use call-to-action prompts that feature striking, action-oriented text. Rather that use boring words like “submit” and “enter,” try using more action words such as: get, try, call, sign-up, reserve, download and so forth.  Action words prompt your visitors to do something and should be used with the specific text relating to your offer.

Here are a few examples of call-to-action prompts:

  • Get Our Free Relocation Guide Today!
  • Try Our Free Trial Offer!
  • Call for a Free Quote Today!
  • Sign-up for Our Free Webinar!
  • Reserve Your Space Today!
  • Download Our Free ebook Now!


Publishing informative, useful content on a regular basis will help establish your site as an “authority site” for your market and/or industry. Not only will others look to your site as a valuable and reliable source of information, search engines will also look at it the same way and reward your efforts with better index placement.  Keep in mind, however, that quality content will always outrank lower quality content in quantity.

Since Google’s Panda update, which aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results, Google is better able to analyse content quality such as whether a site is too thin or has duplicate content. Google doesn’t just look at the content on your site. Rather, it looks at your site’s content then compares it to others within the same space – And if your site has higher quality content than that of your competitors, you have a better chance of outranking them.


If you regularly update your blog with information-rich, high-quality content, you’ll be seen as a leader and an expert in your field, you’ll be part of the discussion in your industry, and you’ll drive more organic traffic to your site that can be turned into leads and sales.  Keep in mind that your competitors are blogging for business so you need to be blogging too – if you want to stay in the game!

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