Effective business blogging requires a focused approach when creating content, so that it resonates with your target audience (demographic, industry, market, geographic area, etc). That being said, many website owners run a quantity-focused content plan because they believe that more is better and their content strategy is a numbers game.  However, when it comes to effective content marketing, more is only “better” if the content has substance and value to web searchers – to begin with!

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The goal of effective content marketing is to elicit a positive response in the way of brand recognition, leads, sales, and loyal followers (subscribers) from a clearly defined target audience.  That can only happen when you deliver high quality content that people will actually read and respond to in a postive way – in other words, take ACTION that postively affects your burgeoning bottom line!

Quantity Focused Content & Search Engine Placement

It goes without saying that as a business blogger, you want your content to have top placement in the index so that people querying for information about your products or services can easily find your content in the search results.  You also want your content to be informative and compelling as well as conversion optimized, so that site visitors will stay on the page long enough to take ACTION.  When it comes to content marketing:

  • Keep your content fresh by regulary updating your existing pages and post, and by regulary updating your blog with fresh articles.
  • Add a layer of on-page SEO to your content that includes:  h1 title tag, meta title, meta description, supportive heading tags (h2, h3, h4), image titles & alt text attributes, keywords, internal linking, outbound links to relevant authority sites, and clean url structure
  • Add a layer of conversion optimization to your content (call to action prompts) that encourage site vistors to take action
  • Utilize social media outlets for content syndication such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, etc.

Does Google Punish Duplicate Content? 

When it comes to search engine placement, Google is not going to give generic, quantity-focused content stellar placement in the SERPs, especially when content is similar to what is already out there, or worse –   duplicate content scraped from other online sources.  Google wants web users to have a “positive user experience” and will reward content that is “uniquely valuable” to searchers querying for specific topics of information.

Quantity-focused (poor quality) or duplicate content doesn’t necessarily get “punished” by Google per say.   What does happen, however, is that Google will basically favor whatever content source appears most relevant and has the most authority.  Both of which are the result of high quality SEO content and regular blogging.

Better Content = More Leads!

Typically, content that’s been scraped or copied from other online sources will not stand out as unique and will not garner higher rankings.   And even if you are some how lucky enough to get fairly decent placement in the SERPs for low quality, quantity-focused content because of good SEO, it won’t benefit your bottom line in a postive way (as in leads and sales) because it doesn’t convert.

The Takeaway

No longer can business owners ignore the importance of quality SEO content and regular blogging if they want to remain ompetitive online in their industry and market. A successful content marketing strategy must include “high quality, uniquely valuable content that represenst your business and brand in the best posssible light.”  A quantity-focused content marketing strategy without regards to quality simply doesn’t work.

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