If you are creating a new website or giving your existing website a facelift or adding functionality, you have a lot of options for what type of platform to choose. If your goal is to achieve high rankings in the search engines then you need a platform built for SEO (search engine optimization).

Get Found Now has tested many types of content management systems to ascertain which is best suited for SEO. We looked at Joomla, ModX, Drupal, TypePad, PHP Nuke and WordPress. Each system has its good points and its bad points. They all support RSS, video and discussion. For advanced news type sites Joomla and WordPress were the clear winners. For blogging we liked WordPress the best. For overall functionality ModX had the most advanced back end, but overall was a little hard to customize. They all have templates or themes, but WordPress was the most supported and had the most options for overall support and customization.

What Is The Best CMS For SEO

Of all the systems we tested WordPress was the leader in the majority of important categories like SEO and usability. The problem with WordPress is its self-titled moniker “just another wordpress weblog”. They sell themselves short by calling themselves a weblog or blog. It is much more advanced than a simple blog. WordPress is a powerful SEO tool, built to succeed in the search engines. It is easy to use and easy to customize. Our themes are laid out to get the most out of your content and notify the search engines whenever you add or modify content.

Why WordPress Does So Well In The SERPS

The reason WordPress dominates the search engines the way it does is because of the communication that happens at the most base levels. Through XML RPC and XML Sitemaps the search engines and directories are notified immediately when you create a new post or page. I can’t stress enough how powerful this function is. Once Google has identified the topics that your site has authority for, your site will get spidered as often as your content is created. The most important part of search engine optimization is the content. Writing quality content will get other sites to link to your site and motivate your visitors to leave comments and discuss your topics. If you need help getting started, take a look at our Content Creation and Writing Services.

WordPress is built for discussion. If you can create a word document, you can write a WordPress post or page. One of the first mistakes that a new user makes is over tagging a post. Putting a post in too many categories or adding too many tags to it. It is best to be brief in your tags and comments. We use categories and tags for organization and usability.

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