Do you have a clear goal in mind for developing a content strategy for your blog? Did you even consider having a content strategy for your blog? If not, you really do need to flush out your goals before you begin planning a smart content strategy. Smart planning equates to a better use of your time and resources and maximum return on investment for your blogging efforts.

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Whether you are new to blogging, a.k.a., content marketing, or you ‘ve been blogging for awhile but would like to see more tangible results in the way of ROI, the first step in getting a leg up on the competition is to have a smart content game plan in place. The last thing you want to do is blog haphazardly, without a clearly defined target audience or a content strategy for the specific topics you’re going to be blogging about.

Why should you blog in the first place?

Because regular blogging helps drive traffic to your website.  Most websites have a set number of indexed pages that probably don’t get updated very often – maybe once in a blue moon, if that.  However, everytime you write a new blog post, that’s one more indexed page on your website, and one more opportunity to drive traffic to your site and show up in the organic search results.  Optimally, you want to be updating your blog at least once a week – if not more.

Is post length important?

Yes. In my experience, a blog post with at least a 1,000 words is a pretty good length – not too long or too short. Personally, I find it difficult to thoroughly cover a topic with less than a 1,000 words – give or take. That being said, you don’t need an entire book’s worth of content crammed into a single post in order to thoroughly cover a topic, which really isn’t a great content strategy, to begin with.

A post over 2000 words gets a bit too ‘wordy’ for your average site visitors’ attention span to digest all at once.  And the last thing you want is to have your readers ‘zone out’ a quarter of the way through your amazing, but long, post – or worse, cause them to nod off altogether due to information overload. What looks like a never ending wall of content can appear so daunting that some visitors won’t even bother to read your post, no matter how great it is – and will simply leave in search of a better (easier and speedier) user experience that doesn’t require so much work.

Creating a strategy of sub-topics

If you do happen to have a book’s worth of valuable information that you want to impart on a particular topic, try breaking it down into bite-size chunks or sub-topics.  In other words, write a series of posts that cover the main topic from a variety of different angles.  As an example, one of my clients wanted top organic placement for Boston high-rise condos and Beacon Hill condos.  How I achieved that for him was to write a series of posts from different angles, such as:

My client now has top placement for all of the above terms.  Creating a strategy of sub-topics and multiple posts that cover a larger topic is a smart plan for regularly updating your blog, avoiding overwhelming your site visitors with too much info all at once, driving more traffic to your site, increasing the number of indexed pages on your site, and increasing your website topic authority, which ultimately results in better placement in the organic search results.

website SEO content services | ongoing SEO blogging services | package discounts available – call today! (813) 312.5606

We incorporate high-quality, optimized images (load speed) and all pages are checked for mobile responsive layout and formatting. As part of our blogging services, we will also share your community pages/articles via social media:  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

We are familiar with all website/blogging platforms and work directly on your site as optimization requires proper URL structure, meta tags, meta descriptions, keyword optimization, internal linking to relevant pages, and outbound links to relevant authority sites.

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website SEO content services | ongoing SEO blogging services | package discounts available – call today! (813) 312.5606

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