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The Internet can be a little like a hungry beast, demanding to be fed a constant stream of content.

In some ways that’s the power of the Internet, it gets people the latest and most up-to-date information available.

First magazines started to decline because week old new started to seem dated and now even daily newspapers seem behind the times thanks to nearly instantaneous spread of information online.

Some people see this as evidence that quantity has finally trumped quality but is that really the truth?

While the public attention span may be shortening this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that quality, in depth material is going the way of the dodo. While news sites may make their money off the latest scoops most other pages still succeed by crafting lasting, or evergreen posts or pages.

While time sensitive posts may turn into one-hit-wonders these long lasting pages are the hard working backbone of websites, drawing people in for months or even years.

Dig Deep

The common criticism of blogs and webpages as a whole is that they ultimately don’t provide much of value. This can be all to true when it comes to sites that operate mainly by grabbing people’s attention with headlines so that the actual articles are almost an afterthought. In an environment who make an effort to become above average stand out.

It’s easy to create a webpage these days, with free hosting, a few minutes of searching online and a half hour of typing you can create a page on just about any topic. But if you want to create something with authority and long term potential you have to go further. You have to research the topic beyond Wikipedia, checking sources and looking into the wider context.

When you write about a topic you don’t just want to be a site that’s no different than the others, you want to be the site that people turn to when they want to have the best information. That takes time and commitment but if you are willing to put the work in you will be more likely to see results.

Get To The Point

Too many writers think that a page needs to have a lot of words to be authoritative. Most of us were forced to carry around heavy books and large quantities of words just look impressive. But you don’t need a lot of words, you need the right amount of words.

You want your page to be more in-depth than the average blog post but you still want it to be as easy to read as the other blogs your reader will be used to. Don’t pad your article out to try and look more impressive, it’s about the amount of information you have in your article, not the amount of words.

Another important thing to work on is organization. People want to get to the information they are looking for as quickly as they can. Help them by breaking up articles into subheadings so readers can find what they are looking for at a glance.

Keep Your Material Updated

Some people think that evergreen posts can be crafted and forgotten. This sort of strategy is even pushed by certain people who promote the idea that success online can be truly passive after you publish. But as previously mentioned the internet has created a new standard for how up to date people expect their reading material to be.

Remember that updating pages isn’t about rewriting the book, it’s about making small but significant updates over time. As you find new information you should add it but don’t feel like you need to update pages every day. That sort of thinking will leave you working longer hours for less rewards.

Success online is like running a race. You may think you are so far ahead that you can just coast to the end but there are plenty of people who would like to take your place. Once you get a lucrative spot near the top of Google you have to keep putting work in if you want to hold your position.

Pick Your Battles Wisely

As you should understand by now creating and maintaining evergreen pages is time and labor intensive. The prospect of doing this for all your pages can be daunting if you plan on posting regularly.  But the truth is that only a few of your articles have to be evergreen.

There’s a famous rule known as the Pareto principle that can be applied to blogging as such: “80% of your traffic will come from 20% of your pages.” You can get very successful by focusing on building up a fraction of the pages on your site and in fact that’s probably what you should be doing.

You can try to figure out which articles will be in high demand before you even start writing them or you can post a number of pages and then wait to see which ones succeed before you start developing them further. Sometimes you’ll know you have a great idea on your hands and other times a page will take off out of the blue, the important thing is that you keep an eye on how your pages are doing so you can identify potential early on and capitalize on it.

Slow But Steady Wins The Race

There are plenty of people out there who will claim that you can find success online overnight. Most of these people are either lying or just so lucky they don’t realize they are the exception to the rule.

It’s fine to try and write plenty of articles in hopes that something sticks but you also have to take some time to make sure that you are creating some pages that are exceptional. In the grand scheme of things these pages will be the ones that will form the basis of a long and successful reign at the top of search engines.

Lasting success online is built methodically over time. Sure there’s luck involved but as the saying goes “what we see as luck is usually preparation meeting opportunity.” Opportunity will knock if you keep at it long enough. Will you be prepared?

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