Data Recovery SEO WordPress Case Study

One of GFN’s most successful customers is DTI Data, a hard drive and exchange server data base recovery company located on the west coast of Florida. In 2004, GFN updated their main website, converting it from a Windows.ASP site to an open source PHP website because our experience over the years has shown us that SEO works much better on Linux servers.

In  2006, we added a WordPress content management system, DTI Data Resource Center, to the main site and the traffic on DTI Data’s main website has more than DOUBLED ever since!

We have found that one of the best ways to harness the power of a WordPress blog is to add it to an existing static website as a sub-directory, utilizing the most important keywords as both the blog name and the directory structure.

DTI Data’s main website now gets over 1000 unique visitors and 2,750 page views a day.  The DTI Data Resource Center blog gets around 1000 visitors a day and has propelled DTI Data into the TOP 10 for highly competitive data recovery search terms.

Check out DTI Data’s top placement for these highly sought after search terms:

“hard drive recovery” – #2 in the organic results out of about 12,600,000!

“RAID data recovery”  – #7 in the organic results out of about 78,100,000!

“hard drive recovery company” – #1 in the organic results out of about 4,120,00!

DTI’s competitors pay $18 to $20 dollars per-click for these same search terms. DTI Data also has top search engine placement for highly searched terms such as: “how to slave a hard drive,” “partition repair” and “SNAP server recovery.”  DTI has become a highly regarded authority site. Posts published on DTI Data Resource Center  appear in Google within MINUTES!  Website Grader gives a moz5 ranking and an overall website grade of 96/100.

Search Engine Optimization & Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds!

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