Cheap Outsourced Content, Outsourced content offshore, EO Content writing servicesMany website owners these days are looking for SEO website content on the cheap and all I can say is that “you get what you pay for.”

The majority of offshore content writers from India or the Philippians have difficulty understanding the subtleties and nuances of the English (American) language and don’t think for one minute that American site visitors can’t tell when content has been written by someone in a foreign country.

Your site visitors are a lot more savvy than you think! Even the “Queen’s English” sounds different than “American speak,”  let alone someone trying to master English as a second language.

Offshore content writers may be able to get the SEO part right with the use of keyword search tools, but the actual writing for Americans is often amiss.  A writer must live, breathe and speak Americana and be dialed into the American mindset in order to write quality SEO content for American markets.

El Cheapo Content – Scrub, Scrape, Borrow and Steal

Let’s face it, most offshore content writers have never even stepped foot on American soil and all they can really do is scrub, scrape and copy content off of other American-based websites. How can a content writer living in a foreign country understand our American way of life, culture, economy, sensibilities and how we think and feel? You have to understand your market before you can write about it, otherwise it sounds like generic fodder that skips a beat.

Even when offshore website content has been spell checked (or maybe not), it tends to be loaded with grammatical mishaps and obvious, non-local idioms and phrases.  If your SEO content reads like a foreigner wrote it, you can say “au revoir” to your site visitors.

Quality Content vs Quantity Fodder

Many blog owners are under the misconception that ‘quantity’ is the only thing that matters and if they outsource SEO content offshore because it’s dirt cheap, they can afford to push more content out the door, whether it’s quality or not.  All they really care about is driving traffic to their website. However, if the bounce-off rate of that traffic is high and the conversion rate is low, because the content lacks merit, what have you really accomplished? … Absolutely nothing that’s what!

Cheap isn’t Always the Best Route to Take

It’s all about website usability, which includes well written, quality SEO content that real people enjoy reading, sharing with others via Social Media, commenting on (Google loves discussion) and linking back to from their own website. Again, don’t underestimate your site visitors’ ability to see through the thin veneer of content on the cheap.

Site Visitors and Search Engines are a lot Smarter than You Think

Think about it – have you ever actually been fooled by a credit card customer service representative who’s speaking to you from a call center in India trying to sound American?  Most people know right away when they are speaking to a foreigner speaking English as a second language no matter how much training they’ve had to ‘sound American.’  So, why would the written language be any different?

The bottom line is that a website loses credibility when content is poorly written or when it’s obvious the content was written by a foreigner.  Website owners are much better off paying a little more for QUALITY CONTENT vs quantity and sticking with experienced American-based SEO content writers.

SEO Content Writing Services in the Good Ole USA

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