Zillow.com, a major home and real estate market place, recently announced record numbers of homes being viewed by mobile devices and that smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales.

Recent studies also show that mobile users are three times more likely than desktop users to contact a real estate professional following their mobile search. Latest mobile web stats show that over 40% of smart phone users now browse the mobile web or use apps according to New Media Trend Watch.

The shifting online landscape clearly points to mobile Internet traffic exceeding desktop Internet traffic in 2014.

Real Estate Website Mobile Responsiveness Benefits Both buyers and Sellers

With a mobile responsive real estate website, prospective home buyers are able to sign in to your IDX, manage viewed listings, save your site as an icon or app to their home screen and provide you with their contact information, anywhere, any time.

Buyers have access on mobile devices to all real estate listings in their area of interest and sellers benefit by having their property exposed to a wide range of buyers who use mobile devices. Mobile web browsing has exploded in the last 2 years, making real estate listings easy to read, whether on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

No more unreadable calls to action, microscopic fonts or having to scroll side ways to see the entire screen. Without RWD, a prospective buyer might have a hard time navigating your website, which often means leaving your site and going to a competitor’s site. Ask yourself the following questions abut your real estate website:

  • Does your site look engaging to mobile users?
  • Can all mobile users view your site, regardless of platform?
  • Is it easy to share video, listings, images, content, etc.?
Cutting Edge Mobile Responsive Real Estate Website Design

Mobile-friendly website design ensures that your real estate site will keep pace with technological changes in the for years to come. Additionally, Google and other search engines tend to reward sites that use modern web design techniques.  Mobile responsive real estate website design will detect your site visitors’ screen resolution and browser size and adjust site elements, providing the most readable version of your site for whatever mobile device they are using. This happens without removing the deep features or functionality you get from a full desktop site.

Mobile-friendly Real Estate Search

More and more buyers are searching for real estate on mobile devises.  Responsive real estate web design delivers an innovative customer experiences with multiple display sizes and orientations. Prospective real estate buyers, no matter where they are at, can log onto your site, read a blog or two, search the MLS, manage viewed listings, save your site as an icon or app to their home screen and provide you with their contact information.

Having a mobile responsive website is a must for online success as a Realtor®.  Does your real estate website have the mobile responsive competitive edge? If not, give us a call!

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