WordPRess Website Design, WordPress Website Tune upIs your self-hosted WordPress website running on all cylinders, performing in the index and converting traffic to leads?  If not,  you may need a Get Found Now WordPress tune-up.

For a WordPress website to perform well, it must be designed with usability in mind and have a navigational structure that makes sense to site visitors.

WordPress must also be configured correctly on the back-end for server to search engine communication.

Last but not least, WordPress must be fed a steady diet of fresh, innovative and engaging content on a regular basis, utilizing effective blogging techniques.

The word must might sound a bit  harsh, but trust me, if I was to sweet talk the WordPress game plan for online success,  it would be a lie. The truth is that many WordPress websites that we come across have a combination of ailments going on.  Either they’re not set up correctly or only partially configured on the back-end, have navigation and usability issues, have content generation/blogging issues, or a combo pack of all of the above. And if multiple “experts”  have tinkered with your WordPress site, more then likely, you’ve got a few problems going on.

We have years of  WordPress SEO website design and WordPress training experience. We know how to configure WordPress for usability and search engine communication as well as diagnose and fix existing problems when a WordPress website is not performing. We also offer comprehensive WordPress training and coaching and teach specific formatting and optimization techniques for content generation on WordPress.

How WordPress Communicates

  WordPress Website Design, WordPress Website Tune-upWordPress utilizes a combination of elements that communicate with search engines and push your content out, such as a Google sitemap, XML-RPC and RSS.

A Google sitemap will automatically rebuild itself on a daily basis, letting the search engines know when you’ve updated or added  fresh content on your website. You can also rebuild the sitemap manually after making major changes to your site.

WordPress XML-RPC Update Service notifies (pings) numerous preparatory directories to crawl your site whenever you write a new post or update a previously published post and RSS automatically shoots your posts out to your email subscribers.

We  leave no stone unturned when it comes to back-end configuration and SEO;  usability design and navigation; and effective content generation/blogging.  Check out what our valued clients have to say about our services on our testimonials page.

WordPress Website Design – WordPress Training and Coaching – Online Presence Management

We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress, and training people how to blog effectively on it.  If you would like us to design you a brand new WordPress blogging platform; would like to revamp the look and feel of your existing WordPress site and improve performance with the Genesis framework, need back-end tune-up or could use some WordPress training and coaching,  give us a call at 813.782.1619.

The price for a WordPress back-end SEO tune-up is $200 and worth every penny. Let’s go!

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