content services, seo content writer, website seo content You’ve just finished flushing out what you believe to be a pretty darn good blog post. You’ve said all you wanted to say. Grammar and punctuation look good.

You’ve included all the salient points you want to share regarding your topic. Page formatting and optimization of your long tail key words for usability and SEO look complete.  Ready, set, go!

Time to Hit the Publish Button, Right?

Now it’s time to hit the publish button and send your masterpiece out for all the world to see. Or is it?  Are you sure all of the above items have been carefully looked over to your complete satisfaction come tomorrow, when you look at your post again with fresh eyes, while checking to see if it hit a home run with tweets, likes and shares?

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Immediate Gratification

If you are like me, I like the immediate gratification of publishing what I feel to be an informative and engaging article.  Heck, I depend on said articles about SEO content writing for leads for website SEO content jobs.  The need for immediate gratification can really bite you where it hurts if your blog post is not quite there yet.

The 24 Hour Rule

One thing I have learned the hard way over the years as a professional SEO content writer is NOT to publish anything for at least 24 hours.  It is far better to have what you believe to be a finished post today stew in the pot and simmer until tomorrow.  The reason being is that we tend to be too married to what we have just written and not objective enough to really see it clearly.

Taking a Step Back

Our brains are hard-wired to auto-correct typos, extra spaces between words and double words like have have or to to and not even see those annoying little buggers until we have taken a step back and disengaged from the creative process. You may also find that you want to phrase the words you have chosen in a different way or add more to what you’ve already said.

Throwing a Brick Out the Window

Not to mention, If you are sending your article out through a feed, there is nothing worse than having it shoot out prematurely.  It’s like throwing a brick out the window because you can’t get it back.  If you have glaring typos or other unfortunate mishaps within the text that you could have cleared up before publishing, it’s too late my friends. The deed has been done and there’s nothing you can do about it but eat crow.

Getting the Kinks Out

After I am done writing a blog post or think I am done, I look at it in preview mode and read it out loud to myself and anyone else around that will listen. You can catch a lot of mistakes that way such as missing words, jumbled up phrasing or other writing mishaps. Fortunately,  I have 17 year old kids who are willing to look at my articles with objective eyes in case I have missed something.

Constructive Criticism

That being said, if you have someone else available to look over your work, be prepared to have your “masterpiece” picked apart a bit with a little “constructive criticism.”  Now is not the time to get all sensitive about it. That objective second set of eyes has just saved you time, and as we all know, time is money when you work online for your business.

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The bottom line when writing an article for your blog is this.  Hold off publishing until it has thoroughly gone through the scrutiny process and you are completely satisfied with the end result.  Cheers and happy blogging!!!

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