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There are two kinds of websites, static and dynamic. Static sites are non-blog sites. Blog sites are dynamic. Static sites are old school. Dynamic database driven sites like WordPress are cutting-edge and where all sites are headed towards in the future.

A static website, which includes the much loathed template site, is the cheapest to develop and host. And even though they are a dime a dozen on the Internet, most are lost in the dregs of cyberspace and are difficult to get any placement for if they show up in the SERPs at all.  

Static websites also require SEO maintenance since they have organically poor server to search engine communication. The word “static” equals “stagnant” and pretty much sums up what most static sites are about. They sit out there in Nowhere Land and do diddly-squat. Don’t waste your money or time on a static site, especially a template site.

There’s nothing “stagnant” about a self-hosted WordPress site if it’s configured correctly (what we do). Every time you update your site with fresh content, freshbot spiders come a crawling. XML RPC shoots your content out far and wide and the Google XML Sitemap tells the search engines to re-index your site whenever you update your content.

The weakness with static sites is they don’t have any means to communicate directly with search engines, RSS bots and spiders. That’s what makes WordPress such a powerful system. If you have a static site and are updating the content on a regular basis, it’s imperative that you build a sitemap. 

With WordPress, if you have a real time site stat plugin like StatPress, you can even watch the spider crawling activity in action and that my friend is proof in the pudding.  A word of warning: StatPress is highly addictive. You can spy on your traffic, check out what search terms your site visitors come in on and how they traverse your site.  

The bottom line is that a self-hosted WordPress site, (if configured properly), is all systems go and will outperform a static site, 9 out of 10 times in the SERPS.  All you have to do is write engaging SEO content (follow a sound content plan) and you WILL see results in the SERPs. Your only limitation will be the willingness to write on a consistent basis. 

If you are interested in converting your static site or template site (that does absolutely nothing) to a dynamic WordPress blog or adding one to your online arsenal, let me know!

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