Effective SEO Blogging for Your Target Market

Effective SEO blogging for Your Target MarketWhether you are a Realtor, a NASA physicist, a forensic data recovery specialist, a garage door professional or a feng shui expert, write posts that are astute, well researched and written from your level of expertise.

That being said, site visitors are looking for information at their level of understanding – so try and keep that in the back of your mind when you are blogging.

Don’t make the mistake of talking ABOVE your target audience. If your content is filled with industry specific technical data, jargon or references that only an expert in your field could possibly comprehend, you will miss the mark with a large chunk of your site visitors.

I’m not necessarily saying to “dumb-down” your content. Rather, convey your message at ‘mid- range’so that you capture a wider audience.

The Use of Industry Specific Buzz Words

Have you ever read through a post that uses way too many industry buzz words or jargon and got turnd off or completely lost?  Visitors are not going to take the time to research what you are talking about if your words are not spelled out in easy-to-understand layman’s terms. They will just leave.

Mono-focused Posts are Best for Usability and SEO

Make sure that you keep your posts limited to one topic and go into detail about your intended topic with examples, explanations and if possible, links to authority sites.  What you don’t want to do is ramble all over the place. The SEO rule of thumb is one maybe two search terms per 500 word post.  Breaking  down a larger topic into bite-size posts will help your placement for the search terms you are going after and keep it simple for your readers.

Usability and Comprehension Level

Secondary level readership range is where you want your content to be and Website Grader is a great tool to check out website performance and content comprehension on the fly. If you type your domain name into website Grader, it will determine your readability level for site visitors.

If your page content is at graduate/doctorate level, you are ABOVE most of your site visitors’ ability to get it. That being said, most SEO websites miss the mark with end-users looking for SEO blogging info they can assimilate and utilize on their own blog/website because they write too technical.  I write for regular folks, not SEO experts, who are looking for DIY SEO blogging tips they can implement in their daily blogging practice. I know who I’m writing for and keep it simple.


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  1. Great post, once again Victoria. Especially the part about keeping posts to one topic. I’m a habitual rambler, so this was great advice. The plus side is that I can probably get more than one post out of my typically longwinded first drafts! ;O)

    Thanks again for your help too.


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