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 Empowerd Blogging Leads to Success

Empowered blogging starts with a positive self-image, the willingness to take risks and the courage to express one’s self authentically.

It’s a give and take continuum that steadily builds upon itself one blog post at a time and the more you blog, connect with others and make a positive dent in the world, the more empowered you feel on a personal level.

As a WordPress trainer and blogging coach, my job is to help people take their blogging skills and online business presence to the next level and I try and meet people wherever they are at.

Some folks are experienced bloggers who may only need a quick WordPress refresher and a little help with content optimization and formatting. Others are just getting their feet wet blogging and need extensive WordPress training and help with SEO blogging basics

That’s where I come in as a WordPress blog coach.  I support and encourage the people I work with as they get over the hump of self doubt about their  blogging skills and on the other side of the WordPress learning curve, which happens in a very short time. 

For the most part, the amazing people I work with are successful profressionals in their own right and I learn as much from them as they learn from me, and what we all bring to the table and share is an amazing  gift.

I’ve been training folks on WordPress and SEO biz blogging for awhile and have witnessed some amazing transformations in just a few sessions as people gain confidence and self mastery blgging on WordPress. I have to say that I  get as much out of helping others take their online business presence to the next level as they learn from me and I feel truly blessed to share in the experience.

Proactive Blogging

I often tell folks “don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results in the index,” especially if their WordPress site is brand new. The truth is that it can take up to 90 days of continuous blogging, 2 – 3 times a week, for a new blog site to build up enough topic authority for search engine placement.

During what I call the “gestation period,” while your blog content is propagating the index, you have to be patient, keep the faith and know that your blogging efforts will not be in vein.  That being said, you can’t sit back and wait for people to find your blog.  Be proactive.  Syndicate your content and put it out there via Social Media and most importantly, keep on blogging.

You will connect with more readers, invite discussion (questions and comments) on your blog and gain loyal followers, who will share your message with others in the blogosphere, if you offer real, quality content that speaks to people.

What Goes Around Comes Around

I firmly believe that what goes around comes around and the biggest gift you can give fellow bloggers is to let them know they’ve made a positive dent in your world by leaving a supportive comment or giving them a Social Media shout out and even better – give both.

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