Five SEO Myths Debunked

When it comes to SEO companies, there are really only 3 camps:  The first camp is the Content/Links/XML (our camp) and the second is the Mathematical Algorithmic Design or MAD (believe me when I tell you, this acronym is appropriate because they must be MAD to charge what they charge).

Last but not least, but definitely last, is the camp of SEO companies that purchase links, buy cheap content from India and charge monthly fees (these black hat SEO companies also use cloaking techniques). Cloaking shows users one thing and keyword stuffed content to search engines – this works, until you get caught, then your site gets banned and you have to start over after wasting your money and time.

Five Big SEO Myths

SEO Myth # 1).  “Meta Information is No longer Relevant” – Nope.  While it is true,Google, Yahoo and Bing are spiders, NOT meta crawlers, there are still thousands of meta crawlers all over the world. A solid meta title, description and keywords are still the only way that meta crawlers know what your site is about. 
SEO Myth #2).  “Every Inbound Link Helps Your Placement” – Nope. Inbound links that actually benefit your site have to follow 2 criteria. The linking site MUST be on topic to your site and the linking site MUST have their own inbound links. If a webmaster is requesting a reciprocal link and doesn’t have the above criteria, refuse the link.  A lot of SEO experts claim that “reciprocal linking is dead,” but like Mark Twain, their death has been greatly exaggerated! Reciprocal linking between on-topic sites is still a very powerful SEO tool.  This is especially true in the real estate industry where Realtors across the nation can link together, i.e. a site in Tampa Florida links to a site in Los Angeles with the anchor text: Los Angeles Real Estate.  In return, the LA site links back with the anchor text: Tampa Real Estate. Because both sites are about real estate and they have topic compatibility, it helps bolster the topic authority for both sites. The converse happens if the link is from an off-topic site, a site that only has ads and no real content or worse, a site that scrubs content from other sites.

SEO Myth #3). “Never Link Out on Your Posts” – Nope. The myth of never linking out has permeated the Internet. We are not talking about reciprocal linking here. We are talking about links referencing or supporting topics within your article. In real estate, for example, when geo-targeting specific areas, outbound links to high authority sites such as, builder associations, the local city hall or even tourist welcome centers, actually build your authority for the topic or location. The fact is, by linking to authority sites, you are building authority for your site. Link out to authority sites!
SEO Myth #4). “SEO Requires Monthly Maintenance Fees” – Nope. We hear from a lot of our clients how their SEO experts charge monthly fees and they ask what our monthly SEO maintenance fees are.  Monthly SEO fees for what?  “Link building” is one of the things these SEO companies lie about because the only link that matters is an organic link from like minded sites that appreciate your original content. Most SEO companies re-sell link submission services that are completely useless. A linking model most of you may never heard of is a silo. Like a real world farm silo, online silos are huge spam websites only focused on keywords that have no usability for visitors. They are strictly for search engines, not for visitors.  Like other black hat techniques, silos will eventually be caught and banned, no doubt about it.  Silo linking and automatic search engine submissions are what these SEO maintenance fees are all about. With a properly set up back-end there is no need to submit your site and no need for monthly SEO maintenance fees. It is much better for the search engines to find you via XML and organic links (our camp).
SEO Myth #5).  “It Is Better To Write a New Post Than Update Older Content” – Nope. This happens to be one of the most misconceived myths of them all. If your blog has already focused on a topic once, writing about it again is not only duplicate content, but worthless and confusing to your users. The best solution is to update existing content to make it more relevant and include fresh ideas building upon the content foundation you’ve already created.  If your website is set up correctly, when posts or pages are updated, they go back out through your RSS feed as well as being updated through both your XML Sitemap and update services such as XML RPC. If an earlier post needs updating, don’t write a new post about the same topic. Go back and give the post you already wrote a face lift.  For more on this, read Write a new blog post or give an earlier post a face lift?, which happens to be a post I rewrote a few times and one of the most popular posts on Get Found Now.

When you call an SEO company, they are going to try and sell you, so choose wisely. First and foremost, make sure they can operate at a server level to provide you with server level communication. There are literally millions of bots and spiders crawling the Internet and for your site to be successful, you must reach them all!  The truth is that if your site has been configured and optimized correctly from the get-go, the only monthly SEO maintenance necessary is providing the search engines a steady diet of relevant, updated and fresh content.


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