Tips for better bloggingThe goal of SEO business blogging is to reach out to as many people as humanly AND convert your traffic to leads. The best way to make that happen is to use smart usability and SEO blogging practices.

Many bloggers are quite capable of writing interesting, information rich content that is appealing to site visitors, but when it comes to proper usability and SEO formatting, they miss the mark and wonder why they are not getting better results.

Users must find your post in the index before they can actually read it, which requires a basic understanding of SEO mechanics.  Once your page is found, it better be fresh and engaging with easy-to-read usability SEO formatting or they’ll leave in a wink of an eye.  

Five blogging Tips for Usability and SEO to Get You Started

1). The way you title your blog post is important

A straight forward title that clearly spells out what your post is about is more effective than cutesy titles that only you can understand. If you want people to find you, then get uber and to the point in your Title H1 tag. Search term rich post titles will garner better search engine placement for the topics you blog about and users won’t have to participate in a blog post guessing game. they have no interest in playing.

2). Adding images to your pages is good for usability and SEO

Quite a few bloggers are reluctant to use images in their posts/pages because they equate images with content fluff and a waste of time. I’m in the complete opposite camp when it comes to images.  Stellar images give blog posts visual appeal and draw readers down past the title. They also help break up blocks of content, which happens to be a a big turnoff for users and add SEO within the title and text.

Although search engines can’t read images, they can read alt text, so make sure that you don’t miss this SEO opportunity.  You can also link images to pages and posts, which adds to your internal web of links within the greater web. Blog placement and tropic authority,.

3). Post length really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things

Truth is, there are no hard rules when it comes to blog post length. If you have a lot of ground to cover on a specific topic, go ahead and blog about it.  Just make sure that you stay on topic and don’t ramble all over the place if your post is a long one.  You don’t want overwhelm users with too much information at one time.

Break down broader topics into bite-size chunks rather than trying to say it all in one mouthful.  Multiple posts covering a specific topic can be interlinked and spread out over time.  As you build up your post archives, add a bulleted list of related post links at the bottom of every post and give each post a unique title so they are not seen as duplicate content by search engines.

4). Change your post titles but leave your permalinks alone

Changing  the title of a previously published post is OK,  just don’t change the permalink (the permanent URL you assign to an individual blog post, page, category, etc.). Permalinks are how other websites link to your posts, how you send links from your posts to other websites and how you create deep link navigation SEO within your own website.  Internal links are a good SEO practice, so link posts to pages, posts to posts, pages to pages and images to posts or pages.

Keep in mind that if you alter the original permalink of a previously published post,  all links to and from that post will be broken AND all links to that post within your own website will be broken.  The post will also show up in the index as a  404 ERROR, which is not good for usability or SEO. Don’t change the permalink.

5). Don’t be afraid to give older posts a face lift

Updating content on your blog is never a waste of time. I often go back into previously published posts and update them with new ideas and up-to-date information as I learn and grow. The Internet is constantly changing and so are we.

This is especially important if you blog about cutting-edge industries like technology, SEO, real estate, finance, etc., where yesterday’s news is old news.You can resend the new and improved version of your post back out through your RSS and XMLRPC update service to be re-indexed.

Follow these easy-to-implement SEO blogging tips and you’ll be on your way to better blogging!

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