Friday the 13th and Knights Templar…. Huh?

Seo Blogging tips, WordPress CoachMy husband, Michael, happens to be one of those brilliant, super freaks with a photographic memory along with incredible insight and foresight that’s well, kind of scary at times.

Hey, I don’t mind that my hubby is a very smart guy. I wouldn’t wouldn’t it any another way, but what the heck? Does he have to remember every little detail that ever crossed his path?

I am Married to the Encyclopedia Britannica

It’ kind of feels like I’m married to the Encyclopedia Britannica at times because no matter what subject we stumble upon in conversation, Michael will respond with a very, and I mean very, detailed, mental compilation of textbook facts mixed in with his own flavor of non-textbook trivia, that is usually a bit profane and somewhat pontificating, but nonetheless, very enthusiastic and always memorable.  Hey, that’s my man.

Short and Sweet?  Not Him

My kids and I have learned to expect a granular and lengthy answer to the  most basic, run of the mill questions or conversation we might have with him. Trust me, the word “monosyllabic” or the phrase “short and sweet,” well, neither exist when it comes to Michael.

Friday the 13th and Knights Templar…. Huh?

It happens to Friday the 13th today and one of my kids asked their Daddy, “Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky?” And as usual, Michael gave them his………. answer.   “It is based on the knights Templar” ….. and here we go again.  And as my two kids looked upon their Dad, with glazed eyes over, he preceded to explain his version of the origins of Friday the 13th.

“In the 14th Century, the Pope and the King of France had all knights Templar charged with heresy. Pope and king worked very hard to keep it secret and do their dastardly deed in one fell swoop … and that day was Friday the 13th.  The Templars all got killed, and the fact of the matter is ….it was about MONEY. The king of France owed the Templars a boat load of money and its probably one of the most fascinating and horrific events of the inquisition era.”

Truthfully, all my kids really wanted to know was if a black cat crossing your path was truly “bad luck” and if Freddy Kruger was actually a real guy?

I’ll Leave My Story Here

Michael then proceeded to discuss the legend of how “the powerful Templars took with them and fled with their treasure, often referred to as the “Holy Grail,” and I’ll leave my own story here . Just know that Michael’s Knights Templar story went on and on and on. And then there are the other topics of astronomy, mythology, the origins of the Universe and all the other in-depth and “lengthy” family talks we have together, courtesy of Michael (we love you babe).

All that being said, don’t ask my hubby to convert a fraction to a decimal (bless his heart) because he would have the same glazed over look that my kids give him.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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