How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeting Area Profile Pages

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Geo-targeted area profiles, otherwise known as local community pages, are the foundation website pages for local SEO.  Creating these area-focused pages will boost your overall authority and visibility in the SERPs for your particular local market(s).  By consistantly linking back to your geo-targeted area profile pages, from other relevant pages/posts within your site, you are essentially creating a web within the greater Web of local information, which will inturn stregthen your local placement in the SERPS.

For example, let’s say you are blogging about the housing market in Phoenix, Arizona.  You would link your blog post to the Phoenix area page and the Arizona area page (which should be linked together).  Let’s say you are blogging about a local resturant or event in Phoenix, then you would link to your Phoenix area page, and so forth. The more you blog about localism topics in the Phoenix area and link those articles together under the heading “Related Articles,” the more area authority you are creating for your individual posts as well as your overall website/blog.

Geo-targeted Area Profile Page Components

Comprehensive geo-targeted area profile pages should include an overview of the area you want to target as well as specific local information such as:  Demographics, climate, geography, education, economy, employment, housing, arts and culture, points of interest, sports, recreation, transportation, etc.  It’s best to stay clear of sensitive topics like religion and race, especially when it comes to real estate, equal fair housing regulations, and so forth.

Use Reliable Information Sources

Image result for local based marketingMake sure the information within your local area pages is current and accurately researched from reliable sources – some online sources are better than others.  Obviously, you want to stay away from copying directly from sources like Wikipedia or City-Data.  They tend to be innacurate and out-of-date.   Not to mention, copying from other websites equals duplicate content.  Google doesn’t favor content that’s been copied verbatim from another previously indexed source.  Always provide unique content on your website.

Defining Your Area Focus with Geo-targeting

A website can be geo-targeted for specific states, counties, cities, neighborhoods, communities or even subdivisions.  You can get as granular as you like as long as you create the proper parent/child hierarchy within your page navigation and URL structures.  If you’re planning on expanding your local market as you grow your business, start off with broader local pages such as a county page, then drill down to cities, towns, neighborhoods, communities and so forth.

Parent/Child URL Structure and Hierarchy

Child area profile pages should link back to the main parent area profile page and internally linked to other area profile pages whenever possible.  This creates a looping SEO linking structure. Example:  Subdivision page to town or city page; city page to county page; county pages to main parent page, etc.

Below is an example of area profile pages with parent/child url hierarchy:  – Parent Page  –  Child Page – Child Child Page

Establish deep link navigation SEO and local area authority by internally linking area profile pages to one another (SEO loop) and to other relevant pages/posts within your website.

Geo-targeted SEO Content and Local Area Profile Page Examples

If you have a brand new website or would like to kick up your current website area authority and placement in the SERPs to the next level, we highly recommend that you add geo-targeted area profiles to your website page mix.  Comprehensive area profiles are not for the “faint of heart.”  They take time to research, format, link (internal and external) and optimize properly for SEO and conversion.  If you don’t have time to create your own geo-targeted area profile pages, we will be more than happy to create them for you!

Real Estate SEO Content Services & Rates

  • SEO web pages (700 – 800 + words):  Unique and informative SEO content that includes:   keyword optimization, geo-targeting, subheading tags (h2, h3, h4) that support h1 title tag, meta titles, meta descriptions, page and post internal linking, call-to-action prompts, signature/contact info, Google maps (when applicable), embedded videos, info graphics, optimized images (title descriptions/alt text) – $75 per page – (batch discounts of 6 or more pages apply).
  • SEO articles (600 – 800 + words)  – $50 per article (batch discounts of 6 or more articles apply)
  • Geo-targeted SEO area profile pages (1800 – 2500+ words) – $175 per page (batch discounts of 6 or more profile pages apply).

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