How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages

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Comprehensive Geo-targeted area profile pages are the foundation for smart website SEO.  They will boost your area topic authority, search engine placement exposure and rankings if you consistently link back to them from other relevant pages and posts within your site.

I recommend that you create a well thought out game plan and marketing strategy for the different areas you want to target because quality, area profile pages take a fair amount of time to research, write, optimize and format for maximum usability and SEO.

Geo-targeted Area Profile Page Components

When writing an area profile page, start off with an introduction or overview of the area. Then dive head first into area specific information such as demographics, climate, geography, education, economy, employment, hospitals, culture, points of interest, recreation, parks, transportation, etc., and numerous outbound links (that open in a new window) to authority sites for usability and SEO. I recommend that you stay away from discussing race or religion, especially when it comes to real estate and equal fair housing regulations.

Use Reliable Information Sources

Make sure the information on your geo-targeted area profile pages is accurate, current and well researched from reliable sources. Some online sources are better than others.  Obviously, you want to stay away from copying directly from Wikipedia or City-Data because the information they contain tends to be out-of-date, especially when it comes to demographics.  Not to mention, copying equals duplicate content, no matter where it comes from and it won’t help your SEO in the slightest bit.  The bottom line is to check your sources thoroughly, run it all through Copyscape for plagiarism./duplicate content and don’t take from other website content that you did not write.

Defining Your Area of Focus with Geo-targeting

Some websites geo-target multiple counties, cities, townships, designated places, etc., while others get even more granular and target neighborhoods, communities, subdivisions, etc., within a single city radius. Whatever area you choose to target or how granular you want to get, always create a proper parent /child hierarchy within your URL structure and tab menu.

Parent/Child URL Structure and Hierarchy

Child area profile pages should link back to the main parent area profile page content and interlinked to one another’s content whenever possible.  Example:  Subdivision pages to town or city page; city pages to county page; county pages to main parent page.

Below is an example of internally linked area profile pages with a parent/child hierarchy URL structure: – Parent Page – Child Page Child Child Page

Establish deep link navigation SEO and area topic authority by linking area profile pages to one another and to other relevant pages and posts within your website whenever possible. This internally linked “web within the greater web” is extremely powerful SEO mojo and will create maximum geo-targeted area authority for your website.

Optimized/Geo-targeted Web Page Content Examples

I specialize in optimized and geo-targeted web pages. You can review my rates page for those items as needed ( Ioffer comprehensive discount packages for multiple pages). Below are just a few examples of my most current work. You can also review numerous content examples on my SEO Content Services and Real Estate Content Services pages:

Why Adding a Google Map is Good for Geo-targeted SEO

A great way to enhance your geo-targeted area authority is by adding a Google map to area specific pages and posts. There are many java script maps available, even fancy ones that include tabs for walkability scores, local businesses (Yelp), Zillow, schools and more.  These fancier maps might look nifty from a usability standpoint, but they really won’t benefit your website geo-targeted SEO.  Keep in mind that search engines are smart but they can’t watch a movie and they can’t read java script – hence the reason why we recommend using a straight forward, interactive, embedded Google Map.

By adding a Google map within your area profile pages, you are helping Google, Bing and the other SEs ascertain what area your content is about.  Not to mention that you are literally pulling data from Google and how can that be wrong? Google LOVES its own content!

How to Embed a Google Map for Geo-targeting

Embedding a Google map into html is as easy as embedding the iframe of a YouTube video – copy paste 1-2-3.  That being said, I like to add a title to the map with the use of a heading tag,  such as <h3>Map of Nashville, Tennessee</h3>.  Heading tags are good for SEO when they support the main h1 title and make it easier to insert a map iframe in the right spot when you are in html view.

Easy step-by-step Instructions for adding a Google Map:

  1. Click on Google Maps to open up the search box
  2. Type in the area you want to geo-target into the search box. You can search by country, state, city, county, zip code, multiple zip codes or unique street address.
  3. Right hand corner you will see a sprocket icon – Click on it and choose embed code from “Paste HTML to embed.
  4. Open the html view of your page and scroll down until you find the place where you want the iframe of the map inserted.  Save or update.
  5. You should now see an interactive Google map on your page.

If you have a brand new WordPress site or you would like to kick up your current website area authority, placement in the index,  and rankings to the next level, then include comprehensive geo-targeted area profiles to your page mix.  If you don’t have time to write quality, geo-targeted area profile pages (definitely labor intensive), then hire a professional SEO content writer to write them for you, like me. Quality area profile pages are not for the “faint of heart” – They definitely take some time done right and happen to be my specialty!

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