Get Found Now - A Husband and Wife TeamMy husband, Michael, and I (Victoria) are the husband and wife team of Get Found Now.   Before we met and got involved with the Internet, we each had our own expertise and niches carved out, but in a similar field. I sold fine art and ran galleries from coast to coast and Michael was a high-tech lighting designer who traveled all over the country designing art lighting for galleries.

Needless to say, that’s where we found each other. I was working in a gallery on Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco while a sister gallery was being built on Geary Street. It was a beautiful historical building renovation and Michael was called in to do his lighting magic. We met, got married, started a life together, had two beautiful children and have been side by side in business ever since.

Way back then, when AOL dial up was still considered “the bomb,” Michael and I knew the Internet was going to be our future. We weren’t exactly sure how it was all going to pan out, but we knew that we were going to be a part of it.

Michael had always been a ‘tech head,’ wanted to learn everything there was to know about computers and the Internet, and eventually moved into the Data recovery field. In 2002, I finally retired from the art biz.  As a mother, I wanted to spend more time with my beautiful twins. Michael got a job with a data recovery company on the Gulf Coast of Florida and we relocated to St. Pete Beach to start our new life.

After about a year of living on beach (Belle Vista Island) and unwinding from 50 – 60 hour work weeks selling art, I was ready to get back in the game.  Michael and I decided to start our own data recovery company with partners in Israel.  Within months, we got a highly profitable deal with an Indian software company and we were so busy that we could hardly keep up with the pace. In record breaking time, our Internet data recovery business (that started out in our garage) skyrocketed through the roof.

The secret to our success has always been our ability to get top, organic search engine placement, which quite frankly, we learned on the fly by doing. We had several static websites that had top search engine placement.  Back then, SEO blogging was not yet the mega societal trend that it is today, and even though data recovery was a highly competitive market and still is, Michael was able to position our websites for Internet success.

We definitely got our SEO chops down while in the data recovery field and after a few years, we decided to focus exclusively on SEO Internet based marketing. We started out with a couple of contracts and gradually took on more.  And although our company name and partnerships have morphed and changed a few times over the years, Get Found has been the mother ship and has been around for almost 9 years.

Michael has actually been creating blogs and forums since 2003. He has a keen six sense about these things and new that user-generated content was going to be the wave of the future for the Internet.  About four years ago, we completely switched over to blogging platforms using Brian Gardener’s Revolution WordPress themes, now StudioPress/Genesis – the best of the best.

Many years have past and Michael and I are still working side by side. He is the back-end configuration, SEO, server technology and hosting guy and I am the front-end, usability, navigation, content, SEO blogging and WordPress training gal. Together, we have an online strategy that works and we get the job done for our clients!


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