Get Found Now Customer Appreciation: Here’s to All of You!

WordPress Website Design, WordPress, Website Developer As another year draws closer to the end, I find myself looking back at the whole, grand shebang and asking myself “Did I live up to my fullest potential?” “Did I give my best to all the people that crossed my path?” “Did I get what I needed to get out of each and every experience in this great adventure called LIFE?”

In the service industry of WordPress website development and WordPress training and coaching there are many opportunities for personal growth and this year has not been the exception.

It’s been a roller coaster ‘E’ ticket ride (remember when all the best rides at Disneyland were ‘E’ tickets) of professional triumphs and yes, a few gnarly bumps along the way.  The Universe has a way of throwing those little curve balls at you to keep you on your toes!

As a WordPress developer, trainer and blogging coach, I would like to personally convey how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with so many exceptional individuals. Thank you for stretching me beyond my comfort zone, inspiring me to keep on learning and to think outside of the box. I hope that I was able to give you as much as you have given me in gifts of personal growth.

Get Found Now – Growing and Morphing into the New

For close to nine years now, Get Found Now has also been growing and morphing into the new. It’s been a journey of constant change and restructuring in order to keep pace with the demands of  increased business and the responsibilities that come with it. Trust me when I say that Michael (my life and business partner) and I are not complaining about business – we are extremely grateful.

However, what we humbly realized this year was that we are not omnipotent and can not be all things to all people all the time. On several occasions, we’ve had to take a step back to shore up the corners and patch up a few holes in our ever-evolving game plan. We’ve also had to learn how to set better boundaries so that we can be the best we can be for our clients, our family and ourselves.

In closure, Michael and I would like to personally thank all of the incredible people that crossed our path this year and made us better for it.  We are looking forward to the ride of continued growth and success in the coming year and have several exciting new ventures in the works.

Here’s to all of you that made it happen for us (hope we didn’t miss anyone here):

Debbie Maxwell (GFN adores you), Jane Peters (lots of love and gratitude), Tagrid Shunia (you rock and GFN LOVES Ya), Jim McCormack (one smart guy), Josie Nigro (wise and wonderful), Bill Gassett (awesome dude and GFN family), Gina Lemos (‘Soul sister’), Loreena Yeo (DIY hands-on kind of gal and love that signature hook), Maureen Mercier (WE LOVE YOU), Maureen Fukumoto (Sooooo nice to work with), Marva Goldsmith (exceptional woman and a pleasure), Charles McDonald (exchanging knowledge with Charles is a total gift) Bill Gillhespy (awesome cool dude and my spell check hero), Terri Poehler (SWEET HEART and GFN family), Candy Miles-Crocker (one amazing woman), Charita Cadenhead (one SMART cookie), Maya Swami (EXCEPTIONAL woman and GFN family), Carla Jacobs (strong warrior and fabulous blogger“Sell the sizzle”), Eugene Adan (cool dude and a pleasure – GFN family), Melissa Brown (an absolute delight, rockin blogger), Jim Braun (totally awesome dude ), Melissa Zavala (smart, focused and driven), Kurt Rochilitz (bringing it in for 2012!), Diane Osowiecki (GFN LOVES Diane ‘O’), Victor Yepello and Ron Jessor (Victor/Victoria, the dynamic duo! – it was a BLAST), Jenny Durling (one smart lady), Patricia Harris (smart with amazing aesthetic sensibilities), Lanre Folayan (2012 – let’s go!), Scott Elwell (a pleasure) Neal Pender (a DIY, hands-on kind of guy), Robert Rudder (getting it done for 2012! ), DTI Data (Thank you Dave for the amazing journey), Sally Null (a class act – so professional and cool), Sherri Wellborn (wish they could all be like you), Wayne Pruner (easy going guy and a pleasure), Brenda Mullen (smart, funny, focused and cool – you go girl!), (Randall Rothfus (totally nice and a pleasure to work with), Anita Clark (You ROCK Anita!), Sheila Stephenson (a sweetheart), Leilani Souza (so smart and focused), Thom Abbot (nice, nice guy), Tom Styne (bringing in 2012 with a bang!),  Gordon Sloan (totally nice human being), Linda Seaton and Judy (so professional and an absolute pleasure to work with), Eva Tennent (so creative – 2012 here we come!), Blake Lewis (a pleasure), and Chip Hurst (one smart, DIY kind of guy).

Wishing all of you the best in 2012 – Lets make it a great year!

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