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Do you sometimes find yourself sitting at your computer, hands poised upright ready to type, yet nothing insightful, creative or amazing comes to mind?  Well, maybe that’s your clue that it’s NOT the best time to push out a powerful, SEO business blog post that will not only grab your readers attention, but also get search engine placement for the topic you’re writing about.

After a taxing day doing all the other things you have to do, it can be a real challenge to reset and move into marketing and business promotion blog writing mode.  As leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, we are always on go and when we try and force SEO business blog posts, we can easily miss the mark with our readers and waste our valuable time.

SEO business blogging is not the same kind of stuff one writes about when “pleasure blogging.”  Keep the easy, no strings attached, non-business blogging separate, when your only intention is about shooting the breeze and connecting with fellow readers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this type of blogging if you have the time and desire.

Index garnering, search engine placement maximizing, lead generation and traffic conversion, SEO business blogging demands a much higher level, full-tilt boogy approach. I am not saying that connecting with your readers should ever be second fiddle to search engine placement.  On the contrary, if your message is forced and does not engage, all the SEO in the world will prove useless for traffic conversion.  The message takes precedence over SEO, but it has to be there.

A Blog Post Needs SEO if You Want to “Get Found Online”

Don’t think for one minute that writing a fabulous blog post is going to get you results if you don’t incorporate SEO into the equation. SEO is NOT about “keyword stuffing” by the way.  It’s a combination of SEO elements within your text, utilizing a great blogging platform like WordPress and behind-the-scenes search engine optimization that get your posts found in the index.  So, don’t throw out the SEO baby with the bath water because you need it if you want search engine placement – that’s a fact!

Throw out Set Blogging Schedules and Quotas

Throw out Set Blogging Schedules and QuotasMany dedicated bloggers commit to staying on a “set schedule” to pump out “X” amount of blog posts per week or month. I say, replenishing what you’ve given out during the day takes absolute precedence over pumping out a two-bit, mediocre, forced blog post when that is clearly the last thing you want to be doing. Writing from a blog post quota stance is very demanding and won’t necessarily translate into a shining star post that engages your readers.  Isn’t that what you are really striving for?

As a WordPress SEO blog coach, I am the first to commend folks with blogging dedication and fortitude, but there are times when it’s best to walk away and wait until the creatice juices are flowing, when the mind is truly ready to give at it’s best.  Otherwise, all you’ll end up with is a contrived, disjointed and uninspired post, no matter how hard you work at it.  And the more you “work at it,” the worse it gets!

The best SEO business blog posts come from a place of enjoyment and free flow because when you are in the right creative space, words spring forth effortlessly and your personality shines through. That is how you will connect with your readers. Don’t even think about SEO when you are in “the flow.”  That comes later, after you’ve fleshed out your masterpiece. Put some space between writing and SEO mechanics. You will find that it’s much easier to optimize a post once you are no longer married to it!

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