Get Found Now is not your ordinary WordPress Design Company. First of all, we have been in the SEO biz for over 10 years.  We started out by building static, “Fred Flintstone” websites utilizing FrontPage (remember that?) , then utilizing Dream Weaver and soon migrated over to WordPress because we could clearly see that compared to WordPress, static sites were a thing of the past and NOT where the accelerated Internet information highway was headed.  Smart blogging on a smart content management system was and still is where the wind is blowing when it comes to Internet marketing success.

The Internet Standard for Online Success

 A self-hosted WordPress content management system on the Genesis framework is the very best blogging platform currently available on the market hands down, and the Internet standard for garnering search engine placement.

WordPress Website Design Company with a Strong SEO Foundation

We are a seasoned WordPress website design company with a strong background in search engine optimization and who understand the many nuances that are required when it comes to making headway in the index and content conversion once a site visitor actually finds you in the index and hits your site.

Yes, we’ve taken the blows and slaps by Google over the years and have made enough mistakes to make us pretty darn good at what we do. Thanks Google. We love you and we even hate you sometimes (because of our own dumbness), but more often than not, we we love you because you have made us so much better at what we do.

 WordPress Server to Search Engine Communication

I can honestly say that we have a pretty clear grasp of what search engines want and what they don’t want. We know how to configure the back-end of WordPress for server to search engine communication and one of the many services we offer is a SEO back-end WordPress tune-up. Over the years we have looked at a lot of websites and can’t stress enough how many WordPress sites are not set up correctly for server to search engine communication, most have not been configured to communicate at all.

That being said, there are many artistically gifted graphic designers out there to choose from when it comes to website design and branding – a true skill and talent par none for sure.  However, even the most amazing header or logo known to mankind is not going to make a WordPress site perform in index and get you found for the topics you write about. The back-end must be set up correctly to communicate with the front end and you need to be blogging effectively for the topics you want to dominate for in the index.

We Stay with You Every Step of they Way

We offer WordPress SEO blog training and coaching  and stay with you until you understand how to use the many features that a self-hosted WordPress blogging system has to offer. We want you to feel confident utilizing proper SEO and usability formatting because that’s how you get placement in the index and convert traffic to leads and sales.

The bottom line is that “our reputation depends on the success of our clients” and we take great pride in making sure that everyone that hires us gets all of our knowledge base and expertise. We are not a hit a run company. We actually care about your success and are in it for the long haul!

A One Stop, Full Service WordPress Workshop!

Check out our WordPress Studio Press/Genesis Design Portfolio for a variety of niche markets and Industries. We set up the back-end for sever to search engine communication, create a beautiful website on the front-end with professional header/branding and smart usability/navigation AND we train you how to blog on your site utilizing all the features that WordPress/Genesis has to offer.

Here are just a Few Articles We have Written Worth Reading

And many more out there in the index ….

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Get Found Now has years of experience and offers the following services:

If you are ready to get serious about your online presence, would like more information about our services or would like a free quote, please fill out the online contact form or better, give us a call at 813.782.1619.  Cheers and Good Luck online!