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Get Found Online with Content Focused SEO BloggingTruth be told, it really doesn’t matter how long visitors stay on your site, how many page views you get per visitor or how many visitors you get per day.  At the end of the day, what does matter is that you get found online and that you convert your traffic to leads.  

Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the Himalayas for the past several years,  most  folks now  realize that blogging on a self-hosted WordPress site is the fastest way to get search engine placement and keep it.

That being said, the best WordPress SEO blog design on the planet is not going to get you top placement or traffic that converts to leads.  And the only way you will get both placement and conversion results is if you are SEO blogging effectively. 

Content Focused SEO Blogging

Great SEO blogging actually starts with the willingness to put aside time in your busy schedule to free up your intellect and tap into your ‘inner creative writer.’ I call it free flowing or brain dumping.  That’s where your head should be at before you even begin to think about keywords/search terms (enough or too many), link percentages, meta tags, heading tags, SEO formatting and everything else pertaining to how to get found online.  

You first must be willing to give yourself the time, space and permission to write freely so that what you are saying is worth people reading.  A blog post with the perfect percentage of keywords, links and tags means absolutely nothing if you haven’t hit a home run with the way you have presented your message.

Content Focused SEO blog Coaching and WordPress Training

The type of SEO blog coaching I offer is different than your average SEO blog coach. First of all, I teach WordPress SEO blogging because it is the best content management system to blog on and performs in the index.  My emphasis is on engaging your readers with great content. I then teach you how to add SEO formatting and mehcanics for search engine placement – always in that order.  

Yes, you might get visitors to your site with left brain Google algorithm knowledge, link percentage statistics and search term perfection, but who really cares if once you get found online, your site visitors are turned off by your perfectly optimized SEO rubbish. Content must alwasy come first or your site visitors will leave in a wink of an eye.

SEO blog coaching is an adjunct to our WordPress Boot Camp Training for those who want to kick up their SEO  blogging to the next level. If you are a seasoned blogger and are looking to amp up your placement in the index – ‘white hat’ practices only – WordPress blog coaching can take you to the next level. 

WordPress Blog Coaching

Together, we devise a content plan of specific search terms for your niche market along with a keyword analysis. We then deconstruct 3 – 4 post and/or pages (client supplies content) and reconstruct them utilizing correct SEO and usability formatting.  You write engaging content for PEOPLE and I teach you how to optimize and format your content for search engines – always in that order!

Most of you already know how to write about your target market- it’s optimization and specific SEO formatting that may need a bit of tweaking.  As far as I am concerned, you are the expert in your field and your content is sacred ground. My job is to teach you how to get search engine placement in the index for the topics you write about  utilizing good SEO practices.  Trust me, getting search engine placement is not rocket science when you are blogging on WordPress!

WordPress Training and SEO Blog Coaching Rates:

  • One-hour session - $75
  • Two one-hour sessions – $140
  • Three one-hour sessions – $210
  • Four one-hour sessions Package – $275**  
  • SEO Business Blog Coaching – $50 for one page or post deconstruction and SEO reconstruction (or we can create a package price for ongoing coaching)
  • My goal is to cut the umbilical cord and get you blogging effectively on your own!

We are proud of our page #1 placement for the following search terms:  SEO blog Coaching, WordPress SEO Blog Training, WordPress SEO blog training and coaching, WordPress SEO Training and pretty much any other way you type it into Google.  Our goal is to teach YOU how to get the same kind of results in the index for the topics you write about!

WordPress SEO Blog Design and a Resource of SEO Blogging Tips

On our website, we give away a ton of free, up-to-date information about WordPress SEO blog design and SEO business blogging. Learn more about why people-focused, optimized content on WordPress is the answer for top, organic search engine placement – SEO WordPress success – the Diva and Cowboy Way!

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