Getting It On In A Digital World With WordPress And Get Found Now

 wordpress genesis seo website designLiving and working on the Internet can be a real challenge even for the most seasoned user. Those of you that are like me and need the Internet to survive and feed our families, also know what a tenuous state of affairs the World Wide Web has become. The twenty first century has started off with some amazing changes to phones, computers, appliances and of course the Internet.

The Questions being posed:

“Are you doing all that you can, to promote your-self and your website?”

“Are you ready to take your website to the next level?”

Succeeding Online is Akin to a Long Ocean Voyage

  1. First a course must be plotted, every company has a point of origin, b  wordpress genesis seo website designut to  plot a course the destination must be visualised. When Get Found Now starts a project we help the client visualize their Internet Presence; therefore a solid game plan is put into place.
  2. Secondly a proper vessel must be chosen for the voyage. No matter how large a project is, or how small, a proper means of conveyance must be chosen, in our case that is the Genesis Framework from, the finest Internet vessel ever.
  3. Finally, the crew needs to be put together, with a steady hand at the helm to navigate the rocks and shoals that make up today’s Internet. And like all sea voyages, there can only be one captain!

When your ship comes in the first man takes the sails
Second takes the afterdeck, the third, the planks and rails
What’s the point of calling shots askew’s not straight in line
Ship’s made of styrofoam and no one’s got the time
~ Robert Hunter

For Everything There is a Beginning

When Get Found Now Started we had already had experience with working online. If you look at’s WayBack Machine, you can see we built the first version in 1999, if you ever want to check a company out, look there, it doesn’t lie, it is proof of a company’s experience. I have been building websites and marketing them for over a decade, my wife Victoria started writing web content in 1998 when she was pregnant with our Twins Vincent and Noel. She never went back to her old life!

1999 to 2006 was all trial and error. Even though I have created many online strategies, most have failed at one time or another. What changed in 2007 was my introduction to Content Management Systems and Victoria’s powerful content. The combination of these two aspects of our passion and experience has led to what Get Found Now is today a rock solid SEO and Content management company! We firmly believe we are among the best Internet Presence Management companies in existence…

Between believing a thing and thinking you know a thing is only a small step and quickly taken ~ Mark Twain

Putting It All Together The Get Found Now Way

Our web site is a Top Producer, enjoying placement for all the terms we care about. The reason is simple, we write about the things we know about and what our site is about. Writing is not enough unless you have a powerful Content Management System. We use WordPress, it doesn’t get anymore powerful than that. Add our XML services and Social Media packages and you won’t fail if you write!

Our preferred framework is Genesis, we are offering specials on Genesis Upgrades as we speak, only $199 to completely upgrade your WordPress with all of our packages. Call 813.782.1619 or visit this page for more information:

Genesis WordPress Design Special

If You Write It, They Will Come

 wordpress genesis website developmentWhen either Victoria or I write an article, we enjoy an insane increase in traffic. The reason for that is our site was set up properly to best take advantage of SEO and Social Media.

The snapshot on the left, is a quick look at one of these spikes. It is from a plugin called New Statpress which we use to view traffic online in real time. Call 813.782.1619 to Get Found Now.

WordPress/Genesis Design & Training • SEO Blog Coaching • SEO Content Services

We have years of experience in online marketing and all aspects of WordPress and offer the following services:

If you are ready to get serious about your online presence , would like more information about our services or would like a free quote, please fill out the online contact form or give us a call at 813.782.1619

About Victoria Stankard

Victoria Stankard has been an online SEO content writer for a variety of markets across the nation since 2006. Specializing in optimized content marketing strategies and owner of a successful organic search engine optimization company, Victoria writes for real people with "The Optimized Edge" - putting you on the map and more!


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