Got a Little BS Going on in Your Life? Welcome to the Club

This post is light weight meant to make you laugh about online BS, otherwise known as self absorbed Internet negativity or “S.A.N.”  for short (yes, made that one up myself), and how to handle said S.A.N. in your daily life. Come on, we all contend with it.

S.A.N. is not only unproductive and unattractive, it makes you look, well…kind of  stupid.  Self absorbed Internet negativity does not beget Internet positivity –  it does the exact opposite as in “like attracts like” and all that law of attractions stuff I’m always preaching to the choir about and firmly believe in.

Offline Not Online

Offline venting can be very cathartic and a much needed therapeutic release of built up angst, a.k.a. BS overload. Ahhhhh , it feels like a cathartic release just saying the word B-lls-it. I recommend that you say it at least 100 times a day. Use it as a mantra, swear your head off like a drunken sailor and say it like you mean it,  just don’t do it online like I’m doing here .

My Dad always told us kids to “lead by example,” bless his heart.  His other catch phrase he liked to use on us was “do as I say and not as I do.” So, which one is it Dad?  I’m confused. All kidding aside and with much love, I’m not here today to roast Mr. Sutherland or bust his chops.  I am here to talk about BS and the best way to shovel through it when it starts piling up in your life.

In my opinion, and yes I know that I have a lot of those little buggers, one should refrain from sending personal gripes of negativity out through the Social Media airwaves, unless of course you have a bona fide, heartfelt desire to be of HELP to others with your message.

SEND Key Regret Oy Vey

Blogging Tips, Artful blogging, better blogging tipsHave you ever hit the SEND key and wished it never happened?  Come on, I think we’ve all  experienced the pain of online regret at one time or another.  When you have your own definitive views and opinions about certain things and you are  putting your two cents worth out there via Social Media, SEND Key regret comes with the territory, so don’t beat yourself up for it.

In other words, “Once you throw a brick out the window, you can’t get it back” said the wise old sage.

Dealing with those “Special Moments”

I say, why not keep a personal diary for those “special moments” of BS when you need to unload said BS angst in a more private, less public, embarrassing and regretful manner?  When my blue eyes start turning brown from BS overload, I enjoy a serious, do or die, no holds barred, let the feathers fly, pillow fight while saying BS  as many times as I can.  Go ahead and laugh me down – it really works.

1. bullshit  
1) noun. Stuff that is made up for the purpose of placating someone, or passing an exam, or getting elected to office. Most often false or ridiculous.
2) verb. To generate bullshit.
3) interjection. Accusing someone of bullshitting.
4) adjective. Identifying or suspecting something as bullshit.In all usages, the term can be shortened to “bull” or “BS”.
1) My essay was complete bullshit.
2) Man, I gotta learn to bullshit properly if I want to pass this English exam.
3) “I was sick all last week!” “Bullshit!”
4) That is such a bullshit answer.
2. bullshit  
A blatant lie, a fragrant untruth, an obvious falicy.Or, the excriment of cattle.
“I smell something…
Is it dog? No…
Is it horse? No…
I know. Its BULLSHIT!”
Poorly quoted “Only fools and horses”

What Users Want and What they Don’t Want

In summation, what Internet users want is UPBEAT, well written, practical, information rich content they can sink their teeth  into. What they are not looking for is another online bummer ride of BS and personal gripes, and that my friends is no BS.  With all this swearing going on, I’m going to need to wash my own mouth out with soap after this one … Not – I kind of like it.

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