Great Blogging Happens When You Allow It to Happen

Geat Blogging Happens When You Allow It to Happen

Great blogging happens when you separate right brain creative flow from left brain mechanics, open the flood gates and allow whatever wells up from the recesses of your being to pour out uncensored and unedited – otherwise known as creative brain dumping.  At this stage of the game, I never really concern myself with grammar and spelling tweaks or SEO/usability/formatting. I leave left brain blogging mechanics for later.

Are You in the Blogging Zone?

Right brain creative blogging is the sacred blogging zone and isn’t something you can ‘will into submission.’ It has a mind of its own and will nudge you gently and even call you out of bed in a dead sleep when present and ready to go. I say, when the juices are flowing, take advantage of the creative urge, seize the moment and heed the call. When blogging feels forced and strained, give it a rest and do something else.

You know you are in the ‘zone’ when words pour out effortlessly and when you are in that sacred space, don’t judge what comes to mind or try to edit or fix any anything.  Give yourself permission to ramble about because raw inspiration needs time to morph into substance and if  need be, keep your unedited content in draft for a spell and allow your words to stew and simmer in the creative brain dump pot.

Left Brain Mechanics of Blogging

After you’ve distanced yourself and no longer married to your brain dump, go back and do your grammar, punctuation, formatting, spelling and SEO magic. I don’t know about you but when I blog, my eyes auto-correct typo mistakes and formatting mishaps and I need some distance and space to see them.

I may not even catch needed edits until a post has already been published and gone out through my RSS feed for all the world to see and you know what, that’s OK. You may cringe about this if your college English teacher was a drill sargent, stick in the mud, meanie, but I never consider blog post content an unchangeable, permanent fixture that I can’t go back into and and improve upon.

Rather, I give myself the needed buffer zone for add-ons, edits and corrections and will shoot a post right back out again. When it comes to blogging, perfectionism can be a monkey on your back and literally freeze you in your tracks.  Folks, blog post face lifts happen to be very good for SEO because any change you make on your site nudges SE bots and spiders to come crawling again.  Now, how can that be a bad thing?

Don’t SEO Blog, Just Blog

As a WordPress trainer and blogging coach, I tell my people, “Don’t SEO blog,  cut loose and just blog.”  The message is what is most important. We then go back in and reconstruct the message with a sprinkle of Internet usability formatting and a dash of SEO, most of which is behind the scenes and built into the Genesis SEO settings and framework. When all is said and done, we slide in a few strong tags, meta tags, post tags, add an enticing SERP description and ‘voila’ – search engine placement, click-through and conversion.

Incorporating Social Media Discussion into Your Blog Posts

If your post gets social media comments, incorporate the discussion right into the post and shoot it back out again. As I said before, it’s never too late to add more good stuff to a worthy post and with the way Social Media works, the interaction you get from your readers will add life to your posts and constant updates (face lifts) will keep them alive in the index.

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  1. Great advice! I create a list of blogs that I need to write, which I often struggle with, but when I just randomly blog about things it’s super easy.

  2. Victoria,… definitely great advice. After talking to you, I try to just write and go back doing my SEO later. But telling my brain to ignore grammar until after the fact, is hard… I guess over time, it becomes easier. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Jeff, You are doing a great job blogging on When I brain dump, I am more concerned with the creative flow. Grammar tweaks and usability/SEO formatting I adddress afterwards.

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