How to Handle Negative Comments on Your Blog Like A Pro!

Handling Negative Comments on Your Blog Like A ProYes, we all enjoy receiving lovely, supportive comments on our blog, but we must also learn how to handle the negative blows with diplomacy and savvy. In every industry, you are going to have naysayers, nasty competitors and bully strong arms that will pull out all the stops and go after the jugular on your behalf.

And the brighter your light, the more your competitors will come out of the woodwork to shoot you down. Those who can not create for themselves, will often go after the brightest lights, so, take the high road and see it as a compliment!

Let’s face it – some folks never leave nice comments. It’s simply not in their nature to do so. They’ll sock it to you before they ever say one kind word. 

And one thing I have learned the hard way (boy, I have learned it the hard way) is to never engage with naysayers because you will only lose your personal space, lower yourself to their level and fall off your path to greatness.  Stay on course by staying out of it!

Internet “Brawlers” and “Bullies” Be Gone

“Brawlers” and “bullies” enjoy stirring up the muck and mire for sport.  Their goal is to get you fired up and they enjoy feeding off of your reactions when you do lose your great self in the moment.  Don’t engage.  Don’t interact.  Stay clear.  Sooner or later, they will end up shooting themselves in the ole foot anyway and look like stupid fools in the long run.

A Blog is Meant to Be a Conversation Between You and Your Readers

That being said, a blog is meant to be a conversation between you and your readers so try and make time to answer your their questions and respond to comments. So often, the after-post discussion is far more interesting than the post itself.  Blogs are a meant to be a two way street and the best blogs are those that exchange ideas, banter, debate and toss the ball around!

Treat Your WordPress Blog Like A Sacred Garden

 Don’t think for one minute that leaving negative or discrediting comments on your blog from others makes you appear more real, transparent, tough or a good ole boy, because it doesn’t. Respect your blog space and treat it like a sacred garden.

If there are weeds that need plucking then do so, and if someone throws litter on your sacred garden with nasty garbage, throw it in the trash heap where it belongs.

Some bloggers allow negative commenting crud ride on their blog so that others can make their own assessment. They are making an “I don’t give a crap statement.” However you choose to deal with nasty comments, garbage is garbage and it stinks no matter what , so don’t hook into it.

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