In today’s highly competitve real estate market, with over 173 million blogs populating the web, real estate professionals can no longer afford to ignore the importance of high quality SEO content and regular blogging as core elements of a successfull real estate online presence.  These days, a real estate website without an active blog is simply not enough to stay in the game.  Why? Because your online competitors ARE blogging for their share of YOUR real estate market.

When it comes to real estate blogging, You need a two-fold, real estate SEO content marketing approach:

  • Provide “uniquely valuable” conversion optimized, real estate content that will engage your target audience/site visitors and encourage them to take ACTION (positively impacting your bottom line)!
  • Drive targeted traffic (clearly defined audience for your geo-targeted market) to your site utilizing ‘best SEO practices’

In otherwords, write useful and informative content that your target audience will resonate with. Then, go back in and add the necessary layers of keyword optimization and conversion optimization (call-to-action).

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Effective real estate blogging requires a clearly defined content strategy, so that your time and markting dollars are not spent in vain.   So often, blogs contain numerous posts that are not specifically focused on increasing topic authority, brand recognition, or most importantly, conversion. This is especially true for website owners that buy cheap, bulk content from content providers that don’t really care about YOUR online success!

Here are some highly effective blogging tips that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Write about topics that are “uniquely valuable” and relevent to your target audience.
  • Write about topics that will “naturally” allow you to insert specific search terms/keyword phrases into your posts that you want to rank for.
  • Include call-to-action in your blog posts that prompt site vistors to take action (fill out your contact form, register for auto-email listings, request a FREE e-book or guide, etc.).
  • Optimize your articles utilizing on-page seo that focuses on only two to three different search terms/keyword phrases included within the body of the text, title, meta title, heading tags and url structure. In otherwords, don’t stuff your articles with a bunch of useless search terms/keyword phrases.

Take a methodical approach to blogging by implimenting a smart real estate content marketing strategy that focuses specifically on usability, SEO and conversion optimization.  The optimized real estate articles below are examples of all of the above:

The Takeaway

Now, more than ever, If you are a real estate professional and want to acheive and maintain a competitive edge online, you need to blog on a regular basis – and you need to blog SMART!

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