How The StudioPress Genesis Framework Helps Real Estate Professionals

 Genesis website design, WordPress genesis website developmentIf you’re a real estate agent, then you probably already know how important the internet has become for making a sale.

The National Association of Realtors® found that “a real estate agent’s web site was the second most frequent method reportedly used to search for homes for all buyers and first-time buyers specifically, and the third-most frequent method for repeat buyers.”

The Internet has done a lot to change the way homes are bought and sold and if you want to keep up with the times you’ve got to have an online presence. Luckily now it’s easier than ever to take your business online thanks to the StudioPress Genesis Framework.

Getting Noticed Is the First Step Toward Selling

No matter how good your services are, it doesn’t matter one bit unless people actually find out about them. It’s the reason why location is so important when it comes to your business and the key to success online. If your website isn’t easy to find then all your efforts building it will go to waste.

That’s why the Genesis framework is optimized with search engines in mind. It used to be that people would ask around or open up the yellow pages if they wanted to find a business but now the first stop is usually a search engine like Google. If you’re not on Google you might as well not be online, and the higher you are in the rankings the greater your traffic will be.

Zacks Equity Research has noted that “Consumers today prefer to use their laptops or smart phones to compare prices of products they want to buy and place orders online, instead of visiting the company’s stores.” With this in mind. having a site that is created with search engines in mind is extremely helpful in giving you an advantage over your competition. The StudioPress Genesis framework provides just that.

Going Mobile is Key in Today’s Market

In recent years, real estate hasn’t just been going online, it’s also been going mobile in leaps and bounds. More and more online business is being done on smart-phones and tablets rather than desktop PCs and laptops.

Bloomberg Businessweek quoted Apple CEO Tim Cook as saying “I have always said that the tablet market was going to surpass the PC market. I was saying that well before it was viewed to be sane to say that. It’s clear that we’re 24 months away from that.”

To take advantage of this growing population you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile using. That means that the site will look and run fine on any screen.

When every view could be a potential client going mobile is key. Luckily the Genesis framework is built using mobile responsive design. It is programmed using HTML 5, the latest in internet coding. It allows your site to function properly on any browser and any device.

When your site is built on their foundation you can be sure that every visitor is enjoying the best possible experience.

Deciding What’s Right for Your Needs

The Genesis Framework isn’t for everyone. If you have absolutely no budget for web promotion then you’ll have to go with a free alternative. In addition if you have incredibly specific requirements then it might be better to pay extra money building a custom website. Still, the Genesis framework provides more than enough power for a price that you as a real estate professional can probably afford.

In the end, you have ask yourself what you’re willing to invest in order to expand the reach of your business. Go StudioPress Genesis with all it’s usability and SEO bells and whistles!

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