How to Create Winning Blog Post Titles for People and Google!

How to Create Effective Blog Post Titles for People, Google and More!

What makes a good blog post title depends on who you are blogging for, if you want placement in the index for the topic you are blogging about and if you want people to read past your post title.

Catchy Post Titles Void of SEO are Useless

Using a “catchy blog post title” to grab the attention of readers is good for community type posts like AR, but does very little for topic, search engine placement in the index.  Why? – Because keyword/search term vacant titles fail to let Google know what your post is actually about.  Without adding a relevant search term in your title, you are literally paddling upstream.  

First of all, Google only shows the first 60 – 70 characters of your title in the search results. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have a keyword/search term in the beginning of your title rather than at the end as Google may cut off a portion of your title if it’s a long one. And if you have nothing in your post title that indicates what your post is about, forget about being found in the index.

Post Titles need to be SEO and People Friendly

Personally, I like thought provoking titles that ask a question or gets readers curious enough to read the juicy stuff that follows. I also like a title that lets Google know exactly what I am blogging about.

That being said, a generic, keyword stuffed title without sufficient pizazz is blah!  It may get the attention of Google, but it probably won’t entice readers to venture past the title, so, what have you gained?

Typically, when a user is searching the Internet for a specific topic, they will first look at the first 3 maybe 4 listings in the index. Sorry folks, that is the REAL TRUTH and the ONLY way to get users to look further down the page or pages is with an interesting post title and an eye catching SERP description (excerpt of your post that people see in the index).

Blow Fish Blog Post Titles are a Turnoff

How to Create Effective Blog Post Titles for People, Google and More!

A big mistake that many competitive bloggers make is to create pompous, arrogant titles or titles that put others competitors down. Inflated, blow fish blog post titles that  flaunt “super badassness” or why their products or services are better than everything else on the planet is a turnoff and reeks of amateur status. Blow fish titles offer nothing for search engines nor do they get people to click on your post and read it. 

The only way to succeed on the Internet and rise above your competitors is to maintain a “deaf ear” no matter how awful or personal others get.  NEVER comment, refer to or post about them.  Instead, blog about your own expertise, throw some SEO in there for good measure and create effective blog post titles that help people and search engines find the “topic” you are blogging about.

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  1. It’s hard to stop being “clever” with titles. I can appreciate the difference that you speak about. Topic authority should be paramount- I want to “get found” in the top 3 or 4 in the searches.

  2. Hi Eugene, With a new self-hosted WordPress site, it takes about 90 days of consistant blogging (3 times a week) to kick start it in the index. You are doing a great job. Be patient. It WILL happen!

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