Local search rankings are important to the visibility and overall performance of local businesses, especially with the increasing popularity of mobile search.  Having a strong local web presence will help your business show up in the search results (SERPs) based on a searcher’s geo-location.

If you have a service area business (SAB), such as commercial cleaning, plumbing & heating, pest control, etc., and your company services several locales within a certain radius that might include multiple counties and/or cities, etc., it’s important that you have a local SEO strategy in place for reaching all of the areas you service.

First of all, it’s perfectly fine to mention your service areas (in a natural manner) on your website homepage.  However, don’t count on that being sufficient enough to earn rankings for your business in those areas mentioned – unless of course, you have no other competition to speak of, which is highly unlikey.

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A far better local SEO game plan is to create individual service area landing pages for each area you service and want to rank for, then “link” to those pages from your homepage.  Or, you could create a “Service Areas” drop down menu tab as part of your main menu, or both.

Creating Service Area Landing Pages

In order to stream line the process of creating mulitple service area landing pages, it’s a good idea to create a reusable template or “outline” for those pages. That being said, if you only change out one keyword/keyword phrase on each page, such as “Seattle commercial cleaning and janitorial services” to “Tacoma commercial cleaning and janitorial services,” and leave the rest of the content on each service page exactly the same, you may run into some iffy duplicate content issues within your site, which search engines don’t reward in the SERPs.

What you don’t want are landing pages that look like cookie cutter template pages. Service area Landing pages, like any web pages you want to get ranking and convertion for, need to be high quality and uniquely valuable to searchers looking for your services, which are exactly what search engines do reward in the SERPs.

Text on each page should be informative, scanable, and include call to action prompts that enncourage site vistors to take action and employ your services. Your pages should also be be visually appealing. Include eye catching images and/or infographics on your pages about the different aspects of your business. You can also include testimonials, business reviews, BBB grade, etc., as well as a map of the area.

Adding Area Specific Text

Another key component of effective service area landing pages is local information about the area, such as demographics, economy, transportation, schools, climate, population, business climate, etc., depending on the particular services you are offering.

Although the template or outline will basically be the same for each page, Interject area specific information, change out the main image to reflect the area and also change out the service images on the page so that each page includes unique content.

The basic marketing text, which can be pulled from the various pages of your site, can be the same on each page and inserted throughout the area information text.

Here is an example of service area landing pages for a commercial cleaning company that services multiple counties in the Greater Puget Sound area of the state of Washington. Each page contains local information about the specific area, while incorporating basically the same formatting outline and marketing text utilized on all the pages.

The areas that the company services are listed on the homepage with links to each landing page.  Please visit each page to get the full gist of what I am trying to explain here:

Pierce County WA Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Kitsap County Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

King County WA Commercial Cleaning Services

The above landing pages are highly effective for ranking because they garner beaucoup area authority. They also convert because they are visually appealing and conversion optimized throughout. Yes, they do take a bit longer to build out then your average service area template landing page, because each page must be individually researched, written and formatted for usability and SEO.


Since service area landing pages are basically stand alone pages and extremely important for local search optimization, they need all the ammunition and love you can muster to sell your services. In essence, they are your sales person and calling card on the web all rolled into one.

The bottom line here is that if you go the extra mile, and put into these pages what you want to get out of them, your “burgeoning bottom line” –  as in more leads and sales – will thank you for it!

Better Content = More Leads!

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