How to SEO Blog on WordPress Training - Everything You Need to Know! A self-hosted WordPress blog is just a tool, but as with all tools, you need to know how to use them. We teach you how to utilize all that WordPress has to offer AND how to SEO blog effectively for people and search engine placement. 

All of our StudioPress/Genesis WordPress blogging platforms have clean and simple navigation for site visitors and an easy to use dashboard for bloggers (check out our portfolio).  That being said,  we have yet to see anyone understand ALL the many features that a WordPress/Genesis site has to offer or how to SEO blog effectively on it without proper training when it comes time to hand over the keys. 

Yes, most people will be able to write a post, stick an image in it and send it out with a “Hail Mary on a wing and a prayer,” but will it have all the SEO bells and whistles that come with proper SEO blogging on WordPress training? – probably not.

With SEO blogging on WordPress, there are a million and one little things to know, none of which are truly rocket science, but unless you are in the know, valuable time and energy gets wasted pumping out ineffective blog posts that get lost in cyberspace. A self-hosted WordPress blog offers plenty of potential for a successful online presence, but it’s up to you, the blogger, to deliver the goods and that comes with WordPress SEO blog training.

We offer a unique ‘how to SEO blog on WordPress training,’ that combines SEO blogging mechanics along with our extensive WordPress knowledge, based on years of experience configuring self-hosted WordPress blog sites for multiple industries.  We don’t just talk the talk – we walk it and we have the search engine placement to prove it. That may sound arrogant, but why would you want to hire anyone that could not offer you what they do not have for themselves?  Check out our testimonials  and our placement. We deliver!

How to SEO blog on WordPress Training  – 5 one-hour “packed to the max, brain twister, everything you need to know training sessions!” –  $275. Let’s go!

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On Get Found Now, we give away a ton of free, up-to-date information about WordPress SEO blog design and SEO business blogging. Learn more about why people-focused, optimized content on WordPress is the answer for top, organic search engine placement – SEO WordPress success – the Diva and Cowboy Way!

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Let Us Help You GET FOUND NOW!We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress, and training people how to SEO blog effectively on it. Get Found Now is a WordPress site with a 99/100 overall Moz website score. This is what we bring to the table and can help you attain for your own WordPress blog! Check out what our valued clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

If you would like us to design you a brand new WordPress blogging platform (Portfolio), would like a WordPress back-end tune-up on your existing self-hosted WordPress site (only $99), or need some SEO blog coaching, please give us a call at 813.782.1619.

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